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Where to buy turtles?

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    Hi, i'm just wondering where i could look to buy turtles, specifically map turtles, the only shops that have turtles have musks which i'm not a huge fan of personally


  • May I ask, why are you looking to get a turtle? Are you experienced with keeping them? They are such a commonly rehomed pet, most people who get them don't realise how much care they need.

    I haven't come across Map Turtles being available, they're not as popular as some other species in the pet trade in Ireland.

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  • I'm a pet owner. I have a turtle and a cat. But I bought them a few years ago. The one thing, which I recommend, is to find a right food for your animals. I started to discover about it by myself. There are a few web sites where you can find the information about pet food. <Snip> For example, if can cat drink powered milk. It would be so important for me when my cat was small.

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