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Is this product safe


  • Yes, just make sure to pay particular attention to the section of the video which tells you which part of the connector goes to each cable end because that is very important for safety reasons.

    The part of the connector with the prongs sticking out (male) goes on the cable coming out of the trimmers and the other part of the connector (female) goes to the cable coming from the plug.

    The reason this is critical is in the event the connector is ever pulled apart the part with the prongs sticking out won't be live.

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  • Personally I wouldn't use a non-retained plug socket that isn't designed for external use on a product I use outdoors.

    Assuming it is being considered as it is not possible to access the connections at the device end in order to replace the entire cable. If not, then the cable should be replaced rather than sticking a connector in the middle.

    Aside from this, the non-retained connectors mean with the cable swinging or hanging from the device or, it is likely they will work themselves apart meaning the machine will stop each time and you'll have to go back to it and plug it back in. That would be frustrating, but not necessarily unsafe apart from the fact that if the device was left switched on and you walked back to the plug to connect it again, the device could start unexpectedly (if you know what I mean) which could be dangerous with kids or pets nosing around it.

    Finally, if the device is being used outside, which I expect would be the case for trimmers, then at some point it is likely the connector will drop in to a puddle or wet grass or something and with this type of a non IP appropriate seal then it is possible to get a path between the live pins and the moisture on the outside of the connector meaning someone could get a shock.