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Gum line cavity repair enquiry

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    I'm seeking Information on the cost of gum line cavity repair and cost per filling.

    I would need about five teeth repaired

    I'm in my mid 50's and I believe it is quite common for a person of my age.

    I have a medical card but I'm not sure wether that will entitle me to a discount or a two free fillings with this type of repair.

    I would appreciate anyone who might be knowledgeable in this area educating me as to the cost and steps I would need to take to get them repaired.

    Thanks in advance for any help. 😉


  • Your Med Card entitles you to two free fillings per year, with participating dentists, you will need to check as a lot of Dentists do not participate in the scheme. It used to be the case that Med card would not cover white fillings on teeth behind the canines, this may have changed, if you want white fillings on the outsides of premolars/molars, you may have to pay for all, even if you have a Med card. Most Dentists now have websites with price lists, or you can phone and enquire about the costs of fillings before you book an appointment. Make sure to ask if they accept Med cards, don’t assume they do.