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Career path after ACA qualified, what to do next?

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    I'm in my 3rd year in my ACA training with one of the BIG4. I'm going to be qualified soon. I have experience in financial service , worked on funds and some aircraft leasing.

    I dont know what are the options after being qualified. any advice on the different career path I can take?

    Thank you so much in advance

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  • The world is your oyster depending on your ambition and drive. You are either aiming to be a CFO of a multinational or a partner in an accounting firm or head up the national treasury. You might get a better answer in a different forum though.

  • Yep, definitely a different forum for this question.

    However IMHO you would best looking at what is in vogue at the moment and is likely to stay that way into the future. So that can narrow down the possibilities of where to look. And there is one thing to remember that you will be working for a long time so choose something that really interests you, something that might actually mean something to you and won't just be figures on a spreadsheet. Best of luck in your search 🤑

    Emojis should be bigger on here, that one is difficult to see but it has $'s in the eyes and a banknote for the tongue 😉