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Do you like having guests at your place?



  • Christmas before last I spend xmas with my folks in the country. As dinner was being prepared and almost ready some neighbour of theirs(who I had no clue of), turned up. My Farther then invited him into the house as they were initially talking by the road. My dad then had bits of his xmas dinner in the front room talking to this guy, so basically our xmas family dinner turned out to be like any other day. It was really my farther's fault as he invited him into the house. He wouldn't be into the formalities of xmas dinner, so it looks like he found a way to skip all that. Such a burden for him one day of the year. We were all a bit annoyed as it didn't feel like xmas dinner at all.

    I live in an town apartment at the mo so noone can just rock up but I don't mind if people do generally. But there are times when it's inappropriate and xmas day would be the most obviously inappropriate time to do so.

  • the neighbor was an asshole... why would you just turn up unannounced to somebody on Christmas Day afternoon, especially when you are just a neighbor ? Bizarre.. secondly why if you are that neighbor would you not on seeing that a Christmas dinner was being served....not insist you were leaving instead of splitting up the household for your own petty benefit just to have a fûcking yap...

  • Growing up in a house where we weren't ever allowed to have friends over and very few visitors ever called, I now love having people over to my gaff socialising and the more kids running around the place , playing the better.

  • I love it. I have over the last decade or so become an obsessive amateur hobbyist chef. So I love having people over to work this on.

    But most of all I have dropped out of the Irish Pub Drinking scene. It just stopped doing it for me. So now I throw a once a month house party for all my friends and close ones and it is large and loud and wonderful. And I would not want to live without it. I love it. They love it. Long may it continue.

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  • I hate people invading my privacy, and I barely let anyone into my place.

  • Love having people call around, always up for a natter and a coffee or a beer. Better if they text or whatsapp first to check if I'm going to be there or have something else on, but no biggy if not. My kids (22 & 18) also had mates over a fair bit over the Summer so there's regularly one or two extra bodies knocking around the house. Nice having people stay over too but also sometimes nice to see them go and get a bit of quiet back and recharge.

  • This reminds me of early days with my boyfriend when he called around very early unexpected and I opened the door then closed it in his face in shock.😂 Opened it again about 5min later after I made myself look less like a demon.

    But na, I don't like anyone coming around unexpected. I let him in now (obv!) but if he didn't text me before coming over he'd chancing it, depends on the mood I'm in. Same with anyone else. I work from home, so I could be working or I could have other plans or I could just be happy out doing nothing without company.

    If it's planned, it's fine. I've a small 1 bed apt but my bro and sis come to stay and I've friends close by who'd call over now and then.Wouldn't be into anyone staying here overnight for more than a few days because my living room is also my kitchen and my office so I'd have zero space for myself.

  • My main issue is the house cleaning beforehand. I'm easy going but the OH wants the place looking like a pristine showhouse before any guests arrive and gets quite angry if things aren't at a certain standard. By the time the guest arrives myself and the OH are tired and cranky as a result. My sister is coming in a week's time so I'll have to go through this rigmarole all over again :(

  • It’s nice to have people call around. If I’m not in the mood for people I make sure the door is locked and generally read my book upstairs and relax. Otherwise I tip around the house as normal. If I’m busy I just don’t sit down when people call I cook, wash dishes or work outside. People don’t stay if you’re busy. We have a few friends who call but most would text. We have visitors staying with us at the moment for the week but anyone staying like that will ask. They’re easy going. If people stay overnight they have to ask or be invited so that’s easy enough to manage.

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  • I'm lucky that I never have unwanted guests.

    Anyone that does arrive unannounced is someone I like and they generally have the cop on to know if I'm busy.

  • Does the neighbour have a family?

    He may have been looking for a dinner.

  • I don't want anyone calling to me for a surprise visit. At least send a text so I can make an excuse to not be there.

  • Visitors are welcome twice, once when they arrive, and then when they leave....I have a few lifelong friends and 24/7, they are welcome,and I'm welcome to visit them unannounced too. But thats it, all others need to apply in advance. And personally, I keep the Nrs of my visits to other peoples houses very small.

  • Growing up, we had one or two people show up on Christmas day most years. If we were eating, they'd pull up a chair and have a drink or some food if any was still going. Next door neighbours would still often pop in on Christmas day and lift a glass. Personally, I really enjoy the informality of it, even if myself and the kids have spent plenty of hours cooking.

  • Great thread...

    In the main, I like people visiting. But... not unannounced. I'd NEVER rock up to my folks, cousins or mates without a text or visit agreed in advance. We're in the middle of a move at present (fingers crossed) and a HUGE part of buying the 'new gaff' was having the space to invite family & friends, throw parties and have the extra rooms (and parking space) for family and friends to stay over. Only last night we had a lovely evening at my cousins house... once we'd all agreed a day that suited everybody.

    I just cannot stand people arriving unannounced... my sister-in-laws family are demons for this - and NEVER know when to 'read the room' and see that they are arriving at a bad time. They could literally be headed out the door, and she (my SIL) will do a 180, take the coats off the kids backs, and put the kettle on. Her brothers are arriving every other day to be fed!

    I'd RUN THEM!!!

  • We never lock our front door during the day, so friends can just wonder in whenever they wish, perfectly normal for us to be sitting in the upstairs kitchen and have friends appear at the door, on some of these unplanned days we can end up with over 20 people hanging out in the house :)