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    I am a dog walker. That's my job. I was rubbish at school so I have a job that doesn't need much maths. Until now. Now this isn't necessary for me to know, it's curiousity.

    I have a dog called Frasier. I thought this was so completely unique, so I was not impressed when I got a new client who also had a Frasier!

    Now both these boys are young and a bit mental. My Frasier is a Newfoundland so while he runs at me and throws his 50,kg at me, he is half the speed of Other Frasier, who weighs half as much.

    People tell me mathematically the two dogs should hit me with the same amount of force, but smaller Frasier is easier to brace myself for (and slower Frasier is easier to avoid completely).

    So I ask people who done school good (went to actual classes at leaving cert and got more than a D3 at pass), who would hit me harder? 25kg Frasier at X2 speed, or 50kg Frasier at x1 speed?

    Thanks for indulging me.