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Booking Appointment Rotunda - I'm 10 wk instead of the recommended 12

  • 15-08-2021 8:46pm
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    Hi Gang

    I'm 9w2d Pregnant - I have PCOS so my cycle is 37 days but when I was chatting to a midwife we weren't really sure so she put me down for normal cycle which would have made me 10 w 4d ish today

    I had an early dating scan at predicted 8 weeks around 2 weeks but we got an accurate date of 7w4d - all good lil bean has heartbeat and measuring as I had calculated.

    I have my first visit to the Rotunda in 10 days and at that point, I'll be 10w4d so I'm nervous that they won't entertain a scan and rebook me in.

    Has anyone had this before where they are earlier and they've had to be rebook for the scan?

    Thanks :)


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    Not rutonda, but in holles street they had me in for my booking scan at 8weeks 4 days, I was told it just happens when ever they have an appointment. I was back in the clinic for bloods and checks etc at 12weeks but my main scan was the 8week one until 22 weeks.