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Bringing imported car back to the uk

  • 15-08-2021 11:32am
    Registered Users Posts: 1,710 ✭✭✭ Firblog

    Other half's daughter bought a little Fiat 500 in Northern Ireland 2 years ago, paid VRT got new plates etc driving away all good. Next month she's going to uni in England, I think all she has to do is put UK plates back on and get insurance there when her insurance expires here, won't have to notify anyone about bringing car over to UK, am I right?


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    Her Irish insurance is only valid up to 90 consecutive days abroad afaik. At least it is in Europe but not sure what the status is now with the UK post Brexit. Also if she changes the reg back to a UK plate then her existing Irish policy might be void if she doesn't notify her insurance company plus I have a feeling the up to 90 days cover only covers travelling abroad rather than moving abroad. She certainly needs to check with her insurance company as you know what they say about assumptions.

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    Thanks for the replies folks, much appreciated..

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,173 ✭✭✭ Buffman

    She'd probably be better off financially selling it here and buying another car in GB when she gets there. Then she might be able to bring that car back with her with some tax exemptions.

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    If she is a full time student then she won't qualify for a VRT exemption afaik.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,884 ✭✭✭ ambro25

    We did this many years ago (2008 when returned to the UK, having previously owned UK car since 2001 and imported into RoI in 2004). Back then, indeed it was more or less “putting the UK plates back on” (as in, jump through the DVLA hoops to ‘re-import’ the car into a UK and get a new V5, which had all the original UK details, including the original UK plate number, except address).

    But. The UK was still in the EU then, and it is not anymore.

    Unless there is a UK-EU agreement or provision about personal goods that I’m unaware of, your daughter would be importing the car from a third party country (RoI in the EU) into the UK, similarly to importing it from e.g. the US or Japan into the UK. Cue significantly more paperwork, and specialist service providers (like the second link kindly posted by GerardKeating above) are highly-advisable to avoid red tape pitfalls.

    Agree with earlier comment about RoI insurance on IE car not applying in UK after car importation.

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    Generally in the EU students who study abroad, are not considered to be resident in the country they study. They are still resident at home country.

    Therefore foreign students can bring their car with them abroad for the whole period of their studies and keep driving it on plates from their home country.

    Unfortunately I have no clue what is the story with UK as of if they are allowing this or not now not being part of EU,.