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Eircode Direction Issue re Farm/Dwelling House

  • 12-08-2021 12:09pm
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    There are two entrances to farm and dwelling house from different roads i.e front and back. When giving the eircode out it always directs that person up the back lane to the farm and it is not the kindest of lanes on any vehicle. The preferred option is the front entrance. Any idea on how to change this, is there something you can do within google maps?


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    I'd say your issue could be with Google maps. I think.

    If you Google google maps change private road it should bring you to their help desk.

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    This happened to me once in Cork, brought me on 2km of dirt farm roads to a house, and then I realised the house was just 100m from the main road I had passed on my way. 😂

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    We have the same problem except the back road doesn't even go to our house. Eircode won't change it as they said the eircode needs to stay on the building. We filled out the Google form to get it changed on their site and nothing happened. We have ended up just having to use our neighbours eircode whose house is opposite our entrance.

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    I will have a check for that, it certainly doesn't seem straight forward dealing with Google Map's Helpdesk. Thank you.