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Groom Speech - Paying for a Rhyme / Poem

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    Hi All,

    Has anyone ever come across a company that offers to write Wedding day poems / rhymes?

    I love the idea of being able to rattle off a few witty rhyming lines about myself and the Brides relationship as part of my speech. Unfortunately I am in no way creative so would need a ghostwriter!


  • It'll mean much more if it comes from yourself, to be honest. I did something similar for a wedding where I was best man and, while not perfect, it went down well. I'd gamble that a crappy poem that comes from the soul will be received better than an excellent poem that obviously isn't yours.

    "Today, it is your wedding day...

    we cried and cheered you both....

    we watched in awe, as the two of you.....

    swore a solemn oath!

    In times to come, when things get rough....

    and you have your little rows.......

    just think back, upon today.....

    when you exchanged your vows!

    And the best advice, I can give you [Groom]....

    on this, or any, night.....

    is to bite your tongue, and remember.......

    [Bride] is always right!"

  • I saw this being posted about recently, might be the type of thing you're looking for:

    I can't vouch for them though!

  • Consider that it might not be for your bride at all. An hilarious written by someone else wouldn’t be for me, I’d find it cringe. For me, heartfelt words would mean so much more.

  • 100% agree with this. I'd just find it cringe. Nobody is expecting the world's greatest orator or wit when they listen to a wedding speech. Better to have something short that you wrote yourself that's honest and true, rather than something obviously lifted from elsewhere or the internet.

  • And on the wedding night,

    If she urges you to be quicker,

    Always bear in mind,

    You can do her up the gicker

    You can paypal me a score

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