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krone round baler 1250

  • 08-08-2021 12:11pm
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    Hello iv just bought a 15 year old krone 1250 round pack baler and it’s playing up when I start to nett some times it works sometimes not I think it’s the control box it’s one with just one in the cab I also have a older 1250 which has 2 boxes so iv had quite a bit of experience with krone balers but this one is trying my patience I took the electric plug to the tractor to piece and found water in there but not sure it will solve the problem.any help would be much appreciate thanks

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    If you don't get an answer here head over to forum4farming:

    Or TheFarmingForum:

    There seems to be a bit more users on there at the minute who might be able to answer you question. I did take a quick look online myself - didn't see anything much, although there does seem to be a history of netting problems with them - or maybe incorrectly setup netting:

    Although hopefully someone here will be able to help out a new poster!

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    Thanks for the advice I have a look

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    Hi Longhorns,

    I had a similar problem to this with a Krone 1250 before. It started off that every now and then when you tried to net the bale the box would switch off. Then it got more and more regular. Eventually then the tractor pto would switch off when you’d try to net the bale. After a lot of rooting and a late night phone call to a local New Holland mechanic we found the problem to be a fault at the back of the ignition switch on the tractor. One of the terminals was nearly burnt off the switch. We took it off and soldered it up and put it back together and problem solved. We got a new switch and put it in the next day.

    I don’t know if this is the exact problem you’re having but it could be worth a try. Also when you say you’ve only one box, do you mean what was called the “Comfort Box” where the bale count, net adjustments, bale density, filling monitor etc. all are on the screen or the older type box with just a few black buttons, a red light and a dial for the net? If it’s the comfort box they do use plenty of power especially when trying to start the net motor so it can be better to wire a fused cable direct to the battery where you will have the full 14.5 volts going to it. A lot of tractor plugs only put out 12.5 - 13 volts which isn’t enough for some of the power hungry monitors/control boxes.

    The Krones are notorious for having net problems but that’s generally on the mechanical set up outside and not in the electrical end. I’d have plenty of experience of Krones along with McHale and Welger and the one thing Krone were miles ahead on was their control boxes. The Comfort box was available on them about 20 years ago and it was only in the last 3 or 4 years that McHale and Welger started to catch up on the functions that were available on it but they still have a few left out. The comfort box was way ahead of it’s time in my opinion.

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    Hello yes it’s the old box with a rocker switch for the nett and on the baler there’s a primitive device to adjust the amount of nett. I have the baler on a Ford 7740 and the plug is directly wired to the battery but control box looks like it’s been opened and there was a new belt with the bar code on net drive so I think it’s a on going problem the electric ram looks newish too