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OEM toolkits a relic? & roadside stories

  • 06-08-2021 4:57pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,033 ✭✭✭ MrCostington

    I was watching a review of a BMW E28 on YT (Hubnut) and he made a point of showing the OEM toolkit in the boot lid. That got me thinking, in modern cars are these a relic of bygone times (assuming they're still supplied, I've an old banger). I mean, if you broke down in your 2 year old car would a spanner be of any use. Say even a fan belt, if you had a spare I imagine you would have to pull half the front end off to get to it. A laptop would be more useful!

    So, has anyone ever used one to fix a car by the roadside (excluding the jack for a flat)? Either now, or back in the day?

    And, any stories from the side of the road, an uber bodge to get you home?

    I can't think of any apart from fixing a stranger's car in the late 80's, just a broken low tension wire to the coil.


  • Registered Users Posts: 6,631 ✭✭✭ zilog_jones

    I keep a spanner in the boot for disconnecting the battery in case anything starts misbehaving. I've had incidents before with previous cars where the stereo would not turn off (with keys out - disconnecting/re-connecting battery solved this), and when smoke started coming out of the dashboard (turned out to be blower resistor pack).

    My current car is a hybrid so there is a "service plug" under the boot floor that can be pulled by hand to disconnect the high voltage traction battery (probably a good idea to know where this is if anyone else has a hybrid or EV), but the 12V battery still requires a spanner as usual.

    Besides that and the standard jacking kit (always good to check this is complete and functional), I don't keep any other tools in the car. I have some gloves and a high-vis vest in the boot too.