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Cycle day 5 pains

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    I wasn't sure where to post this, this is the nearest place with female related issues that I could find in here!

    Has anyone ever had pains on day 5/6 of their cycle? I've been having this for about a year. I do plan on having it checked by GP but I'm trying to figure it out myself first instead of attending lots of specialist appointments ruling out xyz etc.

    I'm not overly worried about it. As far as I know one follicle remains and grows at this stage of the cycle while other follicles retract back into the ovaries. Anything I've researched after that only refers to the follicle during ovulation.

    Some months it's only a twinge, other months, like today, I have to lie down for an hour until it subsides, then I'm ok. It usually only ever lasts an hour or two. I am also in perimenapause. Still get period every month. Trying to figure out if it's just my new normal, or ovarian cysts, fibroids or something along those lines.


  • No, I've never even heard of that before. That's the thing about period-related issues though, a lot of the time it's just not talked about. I hope your GP is able to give you some answers.

  • Thanks @true-or-false . The workings of the female body never ceases to amaze me!!!

  • If you are on cycle day 5 or 6 is your period long finished or not? I know everyone's period varies in length but wondering if it is still 'period pain' at that stage maybe?

  • I get this. Am also in peri, or what I call “wobbly hormones” :D

    For me, it’s a very specific, cramp-like pain at the end of the period, and I didn’t use to get it in my younger years. While I used to have horrendous first-day period pains in my youth, that’s now subsided and transformed into an invigorating combo of slight cramping and throbbing migraines - still better than what it used to be!! But what I’ve gained in the meantime is quite severe mittelschmerz at ovulation, and then this thing - end of period cramping that feels quite sharp and like someone is squeezing my insides in quick and sudden bursts. All in all, it’s not as bad as it sounds, as it doesn’t last very long. Usually just a matter of a few minutes.

    I think it’s all a function of ageing, tbh. I’m not too concerned and haven’t felt the need to go to the doctor with it. If you’ve seen your GP, OP, I hope you’ve got some reassurance by now! :)

  • I used to get it on natural cycles. It's bloody sore! Sometimes it was even sorer than period pain. For me it would be like a sharp take-your-breath-away type of stabbing pain and pure random. As I was also getting monitored in a fertility clinic around the same time, both on meds for ovulation stimulation and on no meds, I did get the inside view of my ovaries at various days of my cycle so obviously with that close scrutiny they would have picked up on any potential ovarian issues.

    You can get an ultrasound from a fertility clinic if you like, I don't think your GP needs to refer you, as it's private. Gynaelogical issues is one area I don't tend to take a GP's first take on necessarily, as we all vary so much. Heavy bleeding for example could be totally normal for one woman but a symptom of something abnormal in another. So follow medical guidance and advice by all means but don't be fobbed off either if you want it investigated. There are a few blood tests they can run pre and post ovulation as well.

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