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Animal health certs (for puppy on uk-Ireland ferry)

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    I’m planning to take a ferry from the uk back to Ireland. Last time I did it the customs people played out the classic Dara O’Brien joke and only looked at the outside of the passport. Actually they didn’t even look they just waved us through based on Irish accents. That was pre BREXIT pre COVID.

    planning to do everything by the book in relation to COVID vaccinations testing etc. My question is about animal health certs, will be travelling with puppy. Waiting for rabies vax and animal health cert will screw up my plans.

    My pre BREXIT pre COVID experience is that they don’t check pet paperwork on tourists. Have they tightened up on this??


  • Haven't travelled through Dublin Port since Brexit but I would expect that, yes, they check and enforce. This is an EU external border now.

  • Your experience is not mine.My dogs pet passport was checked both ways by customs (2019).How old is the puppy?

    Is there a different system in the UK?Because here the Vet who administers the shots issues the passport.

  • Your pet will be quarantined if it doesn't have the correct documents and not let into the country. You will need to get the animal health cert and rabies vaccine. The vaccine is required a minimum of 28 days before arrival and the health cert is required a few days before hand. Your vet will know all this and will know the new process. FYI - Health cert price is £180

  • Make sure you have proof the dog was wormed recently, that's one requirement the Dept of Ag are looking for, a relative brought a dog on holiday from the UK last week and all the dogs paperwork was checked, as you are now importing an animal from outside the EU.

  • Hmmm. Previous experience was in Rosslaire but probably will be Dublin this time. What about Belfast are they checking pooches on the M1?

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  • I think the same regulations apply when bringing a dog to NI from Britain - since Brexit.