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Pig - Nicolas Cage

  • 01-08-2021 11:22pm
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    Pig - 2021 is a very good little movie.

    Nicolas Cage's normal output for last decade has been awful movies that have been shot in a week.

    But he shows that he can very much still act if required here.

    This is a bit of a little gem, albeit a little quirky.

    Starts off as Cage living out in the literal sticks in Oregon as a complete loner as a truffle hunter with only a pig and his weekly truffle buyer for company.

    Goes from there. Not that there is a very intricate plot or anything but best just to go watch it if you're interested instead of reading reviews.

    Just over 90 minutes runtime so not too taxing.


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    Double post

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    I hate new boards 😠

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    yeah i can't wait until he's back properly , isn't he tied to a dodgey contract to pay his tax bills?

    yes also i'm finding it very hard to get the enjoyment i once had on boards

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    I had posted my thoughts on the movie. Boards duplicated and then proceeded to lose said post.

    New boards is a buggy, pos mess.

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    so not much discussion of the movie going on here.... 🤣

    anyways, see it if you can - it's a good one

    once you're not expecting "The Rock" or "Face Off" !

  • Yeah enjoyed this, cool unique story. Felt it fell off a bit in the third act, but entertaining overall.

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    I thought that it held together pretty well overall (helped by the fact that it's pretty short overall) and that its originality was very welcome in these days of formulaic franchise barrages.

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    A thoughtful, beautiful film that’s legitimately surprising and unexpected.

    An ‘arthouse satire of John Wick’ makes it sound far more pretentious than it is, but that’s kind of what it is. It takes what should be a simple revenge setup and instead takes the story down far more interesting paths. What emerges is a melancholic but empathetic study of trauma and grief, with dashes of humour and lots of careful character work. There’s no rush to move from scene to scene - instead, each sequence has the chance to properly breathe and develop. Yet there’s not a frame wasted - hell, the way the filmmakers set up and upend Robin’s status quo in around five minutes is truly impressive. Key story details are dished out sparingly enough to give the audience enough info to follow along but with plenty of revelations held back til the most effective moment.

    Cage turns out plenty of great performances alongside the crap, but it is rare to see him quite as reserved and insular as he is here. For a wild looking character, this is the most impressive and reserved modern cinema’s great maximalist has been in quite a while.

    Definitely one of the best films I’ve seen in a cinema since they reopened. Such a treat on the big screen - not only its stark, quietly haunted cinematography, but also to be able to enjoy its unhurried pace without the typical distractions of watching at home.

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    I enjoyed it, its a bit quirky and offbeat but well acted.

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