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Insurance for learner driver

  • 01-08-2021 5:36pm
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    I have a provisional license and I am in the process of learning to drive. and I was hoping to purchase a toyota yaris 2010. I checked out what the insurance would be with my mother as the main driver and me as a named person on the insurance from 4 companies and the cheapest quote i got was 2 grand. This is way beyond what I can pay. I think part of the problem why the quote is so high is because my mother has secondary(second) driver normally on her car insurance in the past and never the main driver so this is why the insurance is crazy high. I was wondering does anyone know if this is the case and what other people have got their insurance prices for. I am a 22 year old male.


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  • €2k for a person with a learners permit is good. The only way to know is to contact all the other companies and brokers and compare the policy features.

  • As a learner, you are not permitted to drive the car on your own. So therein lies the risk that the insurance company takes and that is the high cost.

    In saying that, it's actually not a bad price. If you got your full license, it may come down a few hundred.

    You must remember, if you go out on your own on a leaner permit, you're not insured.

  • Yes if she's a secondary/named driver she will not have the same no claims bonus as the policy owner of the car she is insured on. Some insurers, I know Aviva do/did give some degree of discount for named driver experience. Have you tried other cars to get insured on, is the Yaris a Japanese import, if it is that can bump the policy due to ease of theft. €2k is likely in or around what it's going to cost for year 1 at age 22, I was paying more than that when I started out.

  • If you can't pay the 2k then wait until you get the full license. This will reduce it a bit. You are also a young driver so hey ho. You have gotta suck it up.

    I was recently quoted €1700 as a first time driver with full license.

  • €2,000 for 22 year old male is a good quote.

    That's life we have all been there. My 1st insurance was over €2,000.

    It came down quickly though, within next two years once I had my full licence and 2 years no claims bonus etc.

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  • but how can you get the necessary practice without having insurance?

  • Lessons?

    Pay for his mother to put him on her insurance of her car?

    He can't drive unaccompanied anyway so unless he's going to be bringing his mother or someone with a full license over 2 years everywhere, nights out, college etc, it's pointless getting his own car.

  • I’m a mum with a learner driver - that’s about the same that I’ve been quoted, slightly less of you go through a broker. Insurance in this country is such a rip off. My policy gives me 28 days cover for a temporary driver, so I put my teen on that for the weeks before each test. The best deal pre covid was with Aviva, you could get lessons and 6 months cover for 600 - if they’re still running it you’d probably have to put your name on a waiting list. You have my sympathy, it’s a dreadful time and place to be learning to drive, the waiting lists are massive.

  • Try getting quotes for young drivers, or any drivers, in the UK or USA and you'll see that our insurance isn't that bad. We can't compare to Europe as they have different legal systems.

  • I agree.

    Young drivers are a liabilty in any country. Friends abroad would pay similar.

    The only difference being, is that our insurance companies limit us to shopping around and refuse us on the basis of car age and drivers age.

    Car insurance can vary. Like all quotes. But 2k is quite ok for a learner, who is a huge liability and risk of taking off in the car unaccompanied.

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  • I'm looking for this right now for an 18 year old.

    Boxymo is 1700 and AIG is 1600

    I bought her a 1 litre Corsa to start her off. She will not be out unaccompanied.

  • My lad passed his test at 17. Took AIG on his first year, €1400 for 1ltr on his own, last year got Boxymo for €1000, 1.6ltr, (but they are brokers...for AIG 🙄). This year, at 19, his insurance is €650 with Boxymo with AIG, AIG direct were € logic.

  • That's super. My daughter did her theory test in Dundalk on Saturday so now to get an eye test and apply for licence. Any tricks or tips to get it down more? I tried it both with just her, and then her and me as a named driver.

  • One big difference in the uk is that you can buy short term insurance for a learner - very useful if you have a kid at uni who is trying to pass his test in the summer. You can buy any amount of time - something the companies here refuse to do.

  • You can't bargain really until there's a full license. Then sges better off going out on her own with insurance.

    The thing with Boxymo and AIG is that they require a BOX to be fitted to the car. It records their speed, driving behaviour, mileage. When you take out the insurance it's for x miles per year. If you run out, you buy more. My lad has 14km for the year in his insurance for the €650.

    Some young ones don't like the box being installed. But tbh, it's a peace of mind knowing there's an eye being kept on him. But also, there should be no issue with someone young getting the box. If they are behaving in the road in the car, they've no reason to not have it. The box should be mandatory in all young peopkes cars tbh.

  • I have zero issue with a box in her car. She will be on a learner permit. She cannot drive alone. I won't let her. 8000km a year is loads to learn to drive. If she knows she is being watched it will make her even more careful.

    I want her to do well, learn properly and get going. A box will help her

  • 2,000 euro seems expensive but thats a great quote compared to what most people get. my mom tried putting me(19years old) on her insurance 2months ago and axa quoted 5,700 euro to be a second driver on her car . Axa said it is expensive but thats life for young drivers according to them. My mom did not go through with it so basically the only driving experience i can get is doing the EDT lessons. I wish my quote was 2,000!

  • Boxymo are good for first time Provisional Drivers - being as they use a GPS tracker in the car to track your driving they seemed more inclined to give good rates.

    The cost is based on miles travelled per month, but if you drive safe you keep getting bonus miles so even if you select a low figure at the start you will have excess miles to spare.

  • Young lad got his for €2,100 online with AXA, paid €350 upfront and rest over 9 months.

    2007 Opel Corsa.

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