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Structural surveys & snagging

  • 27-07-2021 7:55am
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    We've just put a deposit down on a new house in Castleknock, and it needs to be snagged, but I also want a survey for peace of mind as we've had issues in the past.

    Are these always separate services?


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    It's unlikely a new build developer will give you permission to have an in depth structural survey which may require opening works.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,241 ✭✭✭ aodh_rua

    Thanks! I know the pain of those 😬

    The new house is a straightforward design with a conventional roof, and easy access to the attic, so I'm not looking for any sacrificial investigation.

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    It's a building survey you want not a structural survey. It's where the engineer goes around and looks at various things. It's of more use in an existing older house as things like damp, cracks won't yet be obvious but get one for peace of mind.

    When you do get keys go around and check every light switch, check every single socket including any which might be behind eg. a washing machine that's not yet fitted, check every window and door that they open and close smoothly and close / lock securely. Check and time every fan in every toilet. Check the hot and cold in every tap including any outside tap, washing machine feed, dishwasher feed, etc. Turn on the heating (even if it's summer) and check every radiator. It's very easy for a builder to miss small items when carrying out snags. If brought to their attention in the first few days they'll fix everything for you.

    Best of luck in the new house.

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    The BCAR process will be quoted here and i'm not aware of any Developer out there that will entertain a Full Visual Building Survey on a new development. Snagging is at best what you will get. It might be an idea to hire a snagger with Building Regulation experience.

    If you cause more trouble, your at risk of the developer just handing you back your deposit and giving the house to the next person in line.

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    I'd class that as essentially a snag list and should be checked before handover/getting the keys.

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    Oh it all will be checked before handover but things are always missed. I see it all the time with projects I work on. A lot of snags items don't appear until you move in and as a result I've never seen a project 100% snag free on handover.

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    Thanks folks, I have a surveyor meeting the foreman on site on Friday. He can provide a type 2 visual inspection as part of snagging, and as everything is straightforward construction and the roof is easily accessible - it should be fine.

    For context, we are in a high court action against the developer of our own house for knowingly selling it to us new with issues and concealing them prior to purchase, which is why I want the peace of mind that goes with a sound new build.