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Recent Radio Group gone silent

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    A few months back, in the evenings here in Dublin, I got used to hearing a radio 'hobbyist' group of lads chatting on 464 MHz and VHF High frequencies using what I gather were repeaters on 3 Rock mountain and in Ardcath, Co. Meath. After that all went silent, maybe a month or more ago, I then noticed some of them briefly on PMR 446 Ch8. I haven't heard a peep out of them since. It was a setup I found interesting and would have liked to have taken part myself at some stage. Does anybody have any further info, what happened that they went silent etc. ? Maybe they're still going and I just haven't noticed them yet but twas unfortunate to see them go.



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    Hi, its mostly just activity levels dropping off without the lockdowns keeping everybody inside.

    If you call out from a high (or lucky) location, you will find someone monitoring Ch8 most nights. Plenty of activity around north Kildare and West Dublin. The UHF repeater struggles in that direction so Ch8 has been livelier at times.

    Sunday night around 7:30 is still the best bet

    The UHF repeater usually has someone listening too even when its seems quiet. It's best coverage is northward along the coast. The VHF channel is currently out of action.

    446.425 seems to have some activity north of the border, and around Drogheda.

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