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Places doing trial of eBikes?

  • 26-07-2021 12:04pm
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    Does anyone know of places doing trials of ebikes?

    I'm thinking of getting one for commuting, exercise and leisure, but want to try before I drop €1500 to €2k on one. Halfords aren't doing trials because of COVID. The only other place I've been able to find doing trials (in Dublin) is, but their bikes are more expensive than second-hand cars, so I won't be buying there and it'd be cheeky to trial one just to go shop somewhere else.

    I'm looking for something light enough, for a 20k round-trip commute, that'd have to cope with some hills but nothing too drastic. Would almost certainly need a detachable battery. and to be available on the bike to work scheme.

    Also, if there's a better place to be posting this query, please let me know - the search function is not as good as it used to be!


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    Double post!

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    Is the VanMoof pop-up store still around? It's not what you're looking for but they were getting everyone on the street to try them so they probably won't mind.

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    All the legal eBikes will do the commute no bother, you might need to charge the battery in work on the cheaper models. It's just a matter of getting one that fits you. I've done 16km round trips on a Decathlon Tilt 500 eBike over a fairly hilly route without needing to recharge

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    It's not so much the bike I'm worried about, more me - I've lost all my fitness over covid and have really dodgy joints, so I want to be sure I can manage the cycle before committing :-D

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    You sound a bit similar to me. In my experience you could build up that over short time on a regular bike. But I doubt you'd be able to do it daily or even more than a couple of times a week. Not fitness but joints. But with a eBike daily would be no problem. So you'll end up cycling more. I don't have an eBike but thats what I read about them anyway.

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    What I did with the father was look up places that rent e-bikes by the day. We picked up a couple and spent the whole day on them.

    I had the assist turned off or on eco for most of it but whacked it up to turbo assist for any big hills.

    I have to say, I'm a total convert after that day.

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    easiest thing to do, if you are primarily interested in seeing can you cycle an ebike is to goto one of the established greenways where there are plenty bike rentals and rent an ebike for the day.

    If you want to try a specific bike in terms size and fit I would find out which shops stock them and call around to see if they have any in stock and if yes vist them and take one for a quick spin.

    I would also do your reseach in terms of what you actually want. Is it just the commute or do you want to do leisure cycling. This will influence the size of battery requirement. What type of roads will you be on? Do you want ability to furure upgrade etc etc.

    I ended up getting a cube nature one for the following reason

    • bosch power system and battery - good range / ability to upgrade displays / get more exact exercise data in terms of power used etc etc
    • hybrid wheels, for better capability on country roads / laneways
    • Build in lights powered by main battery
    • front suspention - for poor roads

    So I ended up with a robust, heavy, comfortable and relatively slow bike that is great for where I live and great for touring and getting exercise. However if I was doing an urban commute I would have picked something simplier / lighter etc

    good luch with whatever you decide

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    I'm far from fit and supple as an I beam. I've a regular bike and I used that for a short journey up the N81 a few times and I nearly died, even with stopping a several times, got the eBike and blast up the same section and I'm barely out of breath.

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    VanMoof don't appear to sell into Ireland any more, at least not via an agent. I'm looking at a Carrera ebike from Halfords, or possibly a Kuma R1 from who have the advantage of being Irish. Anyone got any experience of them?

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    You can buy directly from the VanMoof site though.

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    Just came across this thread and thought I'd update.

    I ended up going out to Kuma and testing the R1 and F1. The R1 was grand but I just got the feeling the posture would feck up my back. Decided on the F1, which I've had for a couple of weeks now but not had a chance to take for any long spins - just down to the local park and the like. I'm hoping for decent weather (or at least just dry!) at the weekend so I can get in a 10 to 12k cycle. The few runs I've had have been 5k-ish and I really enjoyed them. It's been surprisingly easy to leave the assist off on the flat, but I'm glad of it on the hills :-)

    Only issue I've had is that the seat post (which contains the battery), is loose; it's fine when I start out but will slip if I go over any bumps or speed ramps. Last time that happened, it disconnected the battery from the motor (wire is at the bottom of the seat post), but luckily I was only a k or so from home.

    Now all I need to do is get used to cycling on busy main roads...

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    Some people will tell you an eBike won't help you get fit but that's nonsense usually spouted by people who have no experience of them. My first eBike quickly became my transport of choice 5 days/week for my commute to and from work and within about 9 months I was a lot trimmer and my general fitness level had improved immeasureably. Also, nothing like the buzz of arriving into work invigorated with heart and lungs full of oxygen vs half asleep from an overcrowded train or bus.

    Best of luck with it.