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2016 Caddy leaking coolant

  • 23-07-2021 9:36pm
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    Hi just looking for some help , I've discovered small pools of coolant under the van the last few days . I've found it's leaking from a metal coolant pipe where it joins the engine block , obviously it's some sort of seal or o-ring . Does anyone know the name of that pacific pipe or joint , or what kind of seal or o-ring that needs to be replaced? Can't find anything online about the newer caddy's , not even a workshop manual .

    (It's not letting me post any pictures )

    Any help would be great thanks


  • Registered Users Posts: 17 SilverMan101

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,103 ✭✭✭ greasepalm

    Hard to know if its just a seal or rusty pipe without seeing where it is and goes to

    Plenty of things perish on german cars and more like plastic housings which failed.

    If you open bonnet can you see coolant stains on parts of engine and trace it back.

    What engine and year is it.

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    Might get some info by placing your reg and model in here to identify what it is.

    Icons on lower left you can upload a photo from pc like one above i just did

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    Thanks for the reply and help , its a 162 so leaking coolant isn't a great sign .I've traced it back to where the pipe enters the block , very awkward to get at but I should be able to get it off. Wont be long finding out whats wrong then .

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    Also the turbo is leaking oil . It looks like it could be the fitting that's leaking however it does seem to be coming from further up , if anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it . Hopefully its not too serious .

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