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So, Who Made it back Here (after the Site Change)?



  • I saw Lord TSC on Werewolf. I had not seen his name until recently. Was he a Forum Game regular that returned - maybe a Werewolf regular?

  • On the plus side, we might rediscover the things we used to do - that was what I said coming up to the temporary shutdown of the site!

  • Exactly how I feel.

    I'm hanging in, hoping they'll pull it together in the end, but that hope is waning by the day - and I fear even if they do, the critical mass of posters that made boards what it was will be gone 😪

    I would have been all over a heap of threads before, and on a boring night dipping in and out of all sorts of weird and wonderful thread titles just to see what on earth was behind them (which I suspect is how I stumbled across forum games if I'm honest).

    Now, I have about 5 threads on the go, and it's really boring, and at this stage it's just making me sad 😥

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  • I still haven't even re-opened that book that I threatened to finish on the back of your post 🙄

  • I'm the same 😔

    Hardly looking at the site now. I threw the Welcome Back Sheep up as I'd written it but the fact it's so quiet, and the loss of PM downloading, means I'm not so enthusiastic now. Hopefully we'll get used to it, ultimately it's the people not the site that make it

    Plus I've got about four walrus' planned now, I hope everyone stays around 😂

  • i'm still here, kind of, i was hoping i'd adapt in time to the new layout as i've always hated change, but i find it really awkward to use, more on the side of i'm not getting used to it, used to love popping into forum games and playing away but find it so hard to find anything i give up out of frustration and go elsewhere now.

  • I've been testing today for my Doctor KangaWho reveal. Posts copied from word keep their formatting, sheepulator copies ok into excel, with a few tweeks, and I've only 10 or so entrants so copying one by one into it won't be too bad, plus it means I can double check each entry as I go.

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  • Yeah, I saw the your test thread, I'll probably add to it

    Not too worried about the mechanics of the reveal, hopefully people will be around. Copying the entries is a pain but not too bad. It's the missing people and posts that are the real issue, I'm missing my nemeses 😋

  • It kinda feels that you're not interacting with people the same way anymore. Tiny things make that difference: proper avatars not these shytey little circles and inane smiley faces, usernames that don't look tiny and disconnected from posts, the ability to quote people properly, thanks and the visual satisfaction of seeing them under posts

    That's a very good description @Arghus

    I've not been able to put my finger on exactly what's wrong, or what would fix it for me, but you're right. And the changes to how avatars and names are displayed should be an easy fix

  • Very much an old and regular Werewolf player. The bastard killed me a few times too!!

  • I have just seen this thread, which is typical of my experience with new boards.

    I have never been the most technical person and I am no genius with computers and stuff. It is so hard to find things now, either on purpose or by accident!

    My followed forums have disappeared or have become hundreds of forums........

    I don't know, I'm trying, I always loved forum games, but it's been made harder to find/use.....maybe I'll get more used to it.

  • I went offline from 16th July until this Monday. I expected things to be better from the initial release but it doesn't feel like much has changed. I've been using mobile exclusively and only this morning found the forum I mod!

    I spent some time this morning following all my favourite forums again. I turned on notifications (thanks to those in the WW dead room for some guidance on how to do all this).

    This is giving me some sense of normalcy as to what I see but it feels like a ghost town with very few posts everywhere.

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  • Also returned I see from another thread: jluv.

  • Reberetta hasn't returned has she?

    Will be interesting to see if Omackeral will return for some of his ultimate tournaments.

  • I'm guessing you are a regular too - still don't know my way around all of the Forum Games! Reberetta said she was taking time out a month or so before the change - I hope she is okay. Omack does not seem to have returned. Nor has Hello D2.

  • Omack posted on his Movie Poster thread saying and I paraphrase but he hoped to get the tourno going shortly but was waiting for the sh1t to settle

    Sorry his his actual post

  • Yep, just changed the username considering we can now do it without subscribing 🙂

    Oh right, I missed her saying that as I wasn't posting as regularly as I had been in the past two months or so.

  • And also, you can change your username sans subscription now?

    Maybe it's time for a makeover...

    Perhaps I should change my identity to Rachel Stevens...

    'Cos there ain't no party like an S Club Party!!!

  • Awww, I don't have the option to change it. I think my username was too long following the changeover and now I'm stuck like this forever...

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