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moderna vaccine 2nd dose

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    hey ho

    so i got the biontech one, first dose on the 30th june, and just today got the sms for the second dose this sunday. so far so good.

    my wife got the moderna one on 12. july. not the issue is that we want to travel (within EU) on the 11th august. from the taxi driver who drove her to the vaccination center, she heard that many people are experiencing delays. our concern is that we dont want to book flights, and then her appointment doesnt come and we have to travel without her getting the second shot. if we understand it correctly, we can still travel is we get a pcr or antigen test shortly before the flight, but since we are flying for around 3 weeks, that would push the second dose out too far, no? we wont be able to get the shot in the country we're travelling to since you can only get vaccinated with a registered address there.

    did anyone of you get the 2nd moderna vaccine, and after how many days exactly did you get the second shot?


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