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Covid vaccine whilst pregnant

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    I do not want to get the vaccine while pregnant, I am currently 4 months, I am due in early January. I never got flu jab etc with previous pregnancies as I do not want to interfere with my body in any way if possible when it is making a baby. I would get the vaccine no problem if i was not pregnant. My babies have all had all their vaccines so i am in no way an 'anti vaxer'. I am just not comfortable with the idea of this vaccine passing through the placenta with not enough time to have passed for research to say there is absolutely no effect on baby long term-because not enough time has passes for this to be certain. I am really torn what to do tbh. I feel as though I could continue shielding, social distancing and sanitising so that I can avoid coming into contact with the virus, I have not caught it to date and with the vaccines rising, I am sure after another month numbers will drop again and cases should be lowish for the rest of the year. I have opted for a home birth so my ante natal visits are mostly in my home and i have little contact with hospitals. Any thoughts or personal experiences?


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