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Lough Erne murder trial: Jury finds McKinney guilty.

  • 21-07-2021 1:22pm
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    I had been following this case but I didn't know that the prosecution had said in court that Stephen McKinney had poured bottled water over himself to make it appear that he had tried to rescue Lu Na.

    Given the circumstantial nature of the prosecution's evidence, I made no prediction about the jury's verdict. What I find difficult to comprehend is that an Irishman who had married an East Asian woman would seek to control her - given that I believed that any Irishman who committed coercive control (although that offence has not yet been created by law yet in Northern Ireland) would not be attracted to a woman who is of Asian or African ethnicity because I believe that an element of racism is part of a bully of indigenous ethnicity in Western Europe.