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Has my 18 yr old messed up her vaccine registration?

  • 19-07-2021 8:37pm
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    Hi, can anyone advise please? My 18 year old has just announced that she has registered online for her vaccine. She wants an mrna vaccine, but after checking the hse website im worried now as it looks like that by registering at this stage, she has agreed to taking the Astra Zenica. Thats certainly not what she wants, can she still opt for an mrna vaccine i wonder?


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,326 ✭✭✭Scuid Mhór

    I would suggest she calls the HSE hotline tomorrow morning to get it sorted. I can't imagine they will force her to go with an AZ if she would prefer an MRNA, though she will probably be waiting longer for a Pfizer or a Moderna.

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    The rest of us never got to choose. It should be a case of take whatever you are offered or drop to the back of the queue. I was told I would be getting AZ, but actually got Pfizer, probably because the place I was vaccinated was only doing Pfizer (same thing happened with my wife)

  • Registered Users Posts: 827 ✭✭✭HalfAndHalf

    Have to agree with this, we’ve still got nearly 50% to get fully vaccinated, there’s countries in the world that can’t even get any vaccines and yet we’re already at the pick and choose stage.

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    Afaik you can refuse the AZ/J&J and still be offered Pfizer/Moderna, just at a later date

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,065 ✭✭✭airy fairy

    Are you under 30?

    Because AZ and J&J isn't being advised for under 30s in several countries. It wasn't advised here until sticks of Pfizer were running out and there's surplus AZ.

    Even Boris doesn't have any under 30s getting his AZ vaccines! And he'd usually chance anything!

    Op, she can refuse AZ and get Pfizer but a little later.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭granturismo

    From the HSE website:

    Change your vaccine appointments

    If you cannot attend your appointment, you can ask for a new one.

    You won't be able to choose the day or time or a different vaccine. And you can only reschedule twice.

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    I am over 60. My wife is between 50 and 59. When we registered we were told it would be AZ, but as I said it ended up being Pfizer

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,065 ✭✭✭airy fairy

    The portal has changed for the 18 to 24/29 age cohort.

    They can tick for either AZ or an mRNA. They won't be put to the back of the queue if they refuse AZ. The reason they've don't this is because AZ and J&J was not recommended for under 30s so to give confidence, they are being given a choice.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,065 ✭✭✭airy fairy

    That was changed because of supply. But still deemed safe for over 50s for either vaccine.

    Under 30s should of course be given a choice due to blood clotting issues.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,408 ✭✭✭Bigmac1euro

    The AZ jab is not worth getting for someone younger. My partner was really messed up a few days after it. She’s below 30. She regrets ever getting it but thankfully on the mend now. Doctors in hospital told my partner she was sick due to AZ jab and that more and more young people were coming into A & E with chest pains. Not good.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 22 imme62

    Thanks for this airy fairy. Ive asked her to log back in and sure enough theres a check box to tick if she's opting in for Astra Zenica, so looks like shes registered just for the MRNA vaccines. I do understand the frustrations of people in other age groups not getting their preferred vaccines, but I believe that might have been down to supply issues. In the case of this age group, the Astra Zenica has not been recommended, indeed it states on the hse website that the recommended vaccines for this age group are pfizer and Moderna so you have to ," opt in ," for Astra Zenica. As has been mentioned already, when even Boris isnt giving it to this age group youd have to wonder about it.... thanks all for taking the time out to reply..... Now if i can get the 17 year old registered next, i will begin to relax a bit.

  • Registered Users Posts: 15,184 ✭✭✭✭stephenjmcd


    "Registration is open to people aged 18 and older.

    If you are aged 18 to 24 and do not want to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, do not register yet."

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,065 ✭✭✭airy fairy

    Over the weekend it was discovered that the software changed and it allows for all 18 to 24 to register for all vaccines.

    As usual per hse, they are slow to release that information.