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Removing sections of architrave that run to ceiling

  • 19-07-2021 3:26pm
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    Looking for some advice on this, as I'm getting conflicting messages from tradespeople. House is a 1940s build and the upstairs doors all have architrave going above the door frame to the ceiling. See attached pics of bathroom door for example. May even be a window frame.

    We replaced the upstairs doors last year. The carpenters weren't keen on doing anything to the architraves and suggested that it provides some function for the roof support in houses like this.

    But I'm in the process of getting quotes for renovating the bathroom, and one person has said they could remove the top sections above the door frame and plaster the wall. Another has said they can build out/tile over this.

    It looks dated to me, so the idea of removing it is attractive, but obviously won't do anything if the carpenters position makes sense to others here (I can't tell myself from the attic viewpoint)

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The architrave is definitely not supporting anything, that line was a fob off, there may have been fanlights over the doors originally but they rarely go to the ceiling, what material are the upstairs walls made from, with a house that age it could be plastered laths, cinder block, mass concrete, or hardboard

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    Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. Not sure of the upstairs wall material tbh. They're thin though. Hopefully not another fob-off, but our electrician would only put in surface-mounted light switches in a couple of rooms.