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Barrister lied in court

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    I ended up representing myself in a family (district)court matter after my own legal reps completely botched the settlement agreement, this resulted in the settlement being re-entered - in order to secure costs the other sides Barrister mislead the court by claiming that certain matters in the settlement were still outstanding even though the time stipulation to complete the matters had not expired, but on one specific point they outright lied to the court, the lie only came to light when I received my file several months later from my previous legal reps

    As a result of the barrister misleading the court and telling the lie costs were awarded against me, I was under the (now obviously naive) assumption that courts require evidence but it appears, at least in family court, whoever is the best liar wins the case

    Are Barristers allowed to lie to the court? As I understand it an appeal has to be lodged within a few weeks of the original hearing so are there any options now? Can this be brought to the attention of the court, should I make a complaint to the LRSA etc?


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