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The coffee subscription thread

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    Went looking around for a replacement for my Badger & dodo sub and thought I would post my research.

    Went with a 12 month sub for WCC - great price at around €28 per month for the 12 months, including delivery. WCC have always been great for me, so looking forward to a year of great coffee! Would love to hear if anyone else has a sub and how they find it?

    Prices are all for 1kg

    WCC: 175/6 months 330/12 months (+ one off 4 euro)

    Bean West: 179/6 months 350/12 months

    Anam coffee: 204/6 months

    Coffee Angel Forsa Gala blend: 27/month - monthly rolling sub

    Bell Lane: Rotating espresso blend 171/6 months

    McCabes coffee club: 23/month rolling sub

    Badger & Dodo Roaster's choice: 36.75/month rolling sub

    Cloudpicker blend (Henry) 170/6 months

    PS Coffee roasters: 230/6 months