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Vodafone €30 pm broadband offer

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    Just looked at my Virgin media internet bill. I'm being charged €90 pm for my internet, TV and phone package which has a speed of up to 500 Mbs.

    I just got in an email from One Big Switch saying that they had teamed up with Vodafone who could offer me up to 500Mbs with Vodafone for €30pm (€25 pm for the 1st 4 months). They would also tie me into a 12 month contract.

    I rang Virgin Media to see if they could match the Vodafone price and was totally underwhelmed. the best the rep could offer me was a totally unsatisfactory offer to reduce my monthly bill to €85 pm. He then gave me loads of yada yada about Vodafone using the ESB network and how unreliable it was, how it was shared with Sky and loads of other companies.

    I've been with Virgin for many years, but the Vodafone offer looks very tempting.

    Has anyone else here taken the plunge and changed over and not regretted it? Also, are there any sneaky additional charges I should be aware of?



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