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NBA 2K22

  • 15-07-2021 7:09am
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    Out 10th September, no info, just the covers. Saying that i noticed Gamestop were selling the 75th Anniversary Edition for the same price as the base game last night. Knew it was a mistake so i preordered, only paying a fiver and the rest in store on release. Sure enough, this morning it was gone back up to 100 euro. I was gonna hold out until November/December to get it but couldn't turn down that blunder. Hope GS doesn't try to make me pay more.

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    Won't hold my breath on it being less MT focused, but will be keeping an eye on it.

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    Lots of info dropped about this today. No more career story mode, more rpg with quests in the city. Expand into the music/fashion industry and upgrade your home base hhhhmmm.

    Specific matchmaking facility in the city so you can just jump straight into games, now that's more like it. Lots more here.

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    Hmmm. I'll hold out for more info on the MyCareer part, as that's all I'm interested in anyway. Sounds like it's gong to still be VC focused though. I wanted a separate MyCareer mode so it's not tied to the VC heavy everything else. Seems they did the opposite and are involving it more...

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    Unfortunately they will NEVER separate that. They make too much money from people buying VC to buff their player and CEO makes a bonus from VC sold. Here's hoping for a new NBA Live announcement from EA event tomorrow.

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    I see 2K21 Mamber Forever edition is down to fifty quid on the store. Only for the fact the 2K20 was the July PS+ game last year, I'd probably chance this now, but I'd be sickened to have paid it and it be free next month... Do these editions ever fall below 50?

    Edit: Nevermind! I'm seeing reports online that to get to 85 you need something like 165k!

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    Yeah, that was only worth it when you got it pre release and it gave you both games, 100k vc for last gen and 100k for next gen. You could carry over vc so people weren't using it on last gen.

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    Gameplay blog, all sounds positive but then again, how can you trust this sleaze of a company.

    The new defense sounds great anyway with emphasis on leaving your man open will be easy buckets and getting in their have means more bricks. Might force people to actually play D in the city this year.

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    To be honest, it sounds like they're starting to make it like Fifa, next to impossible for new people to enjoy and require a lot of time to learn it. Hopefully not, but the closer soccer games get to realism, the less fun they are, and the same will happen here. I'm sure it's already happening, and I will admit it took me quite a few hours to get to grips with NBA 2K17, as the last basketball game I played before that was NBA Jam on the SNES I think!

    Plus, if they're continuing with the VC requirements to level up a character you've no intention of playing online with, then the base game should be F2P. I can't support them any longer, so I'll only be playing NBA 2K games if I get them for free. No skin off their nose though, plenty of idiots out there who lap up the full cost (or more realistically, the €40 extra version for dah VeeCee) and then drop even more in game...

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    Finally news on career and city, a whopping 3 days before release, goddamn 2K sucks.

    Long dev blog but basically the movie style story mode is gone and replaced by an rpg game. City full of quest givers and people to meet while you build your brand. **** fashion catwalks to rapping in the studio to bike races around the city but here's the juicy part, a building just for matchmaking. Straight into 3v3 with no squads showed and 3vAI to play against legends. That's what I'm be doing for most of my time in the city.

    Reading the full blog, I'm not blown away by anything else and if i didn't get the 100 euro edition for 80 and 3 games traded in (one of which was free) to cover the cost, i wouldn't be getting it on release.

    Matchmaking Buildings

    One of our most requested features over the past few years has been matchmaking. We still love hooping on Affiliation Courts and holding them down, but for those of you who want a matchmaking experience, we’ve got you covered with the introduction of four brand new, 24/7 matchmaking modes that take place in locations throughout the City:

    3v3 Player vs Player – No Squads Allowed!

    Want to hop into a game without having to deal with a super team that’s been playing together for years? This is the mode for you. Randoms only! Randoms unite!

    3v3 Player vs AI

    Team up with other MyPLAYERs (squads allowed!) to take on a wide array of famous ballers, starting with our cover stars: Dirk, Kareem, and KD. Think you’ve got what it takes to defeat these legends? Hop in this mode and find out. And oh yeah, the player pool will grow and change every Season, so you’ll always have a new batch of NBA legends to test your skills against.

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    The 3v3 random mode sounds good, but I'd imagine it'll be plagued with drop outs when things aren't going your teams way. But my god the rest of that career mode sounds terrible... I buy basketball games to play basketball, not be a fashionista or rap artist... My god like.

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    Yeah, the general consensus online is yeah, where is the basketball in this basketball game. Why don't they just show some actual gameplay it's mad. I saw a leaked gameplay vid earlier and it looks good to play anyway. Dribbling looks way more fluid.

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    Yeah it's a bit weird we haven't got any real info and its due out soon.

    Most years you had a prologue.

    It's fair to say itll be the same engine with minor changes so wont he anything ground breaking.

    I need a new sports games for drinks/spotify so I'll be getting it. It's usually ok for a while either way.

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    Currently streaming here "Soccer Fifa Gameplay" :D

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    That didn't last long, was **** anyway. Some guy spamming dribbling before throwing up a heavily contested brick. One assuring thing from it was the amount of misses. Most annoying thing the last few years have been dribble gawds that can green fade away heavily contested 3's at long range.

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    MyNBA info for anyone interested. The idea of this airways intrigues me but i never spend much time with it. I see they have added 3 made up teams to jump straight in as, wouldn't mind that, having a clean slate of nobodies to build up.

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    Loads of live streams this morning and all of them **** cack. Guys shouting, trying to be funny, just awful. All their vids are "Park gameplay, best build", etc. and every single one of them are scrolling through badges. NBA 2K youtube community is the absolute worst in gaming in my opnion.

    Anyway, the legend Chris Smoove has his first ep up.

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    Played the first college game.

    The whole revamp of the Career looks ok so far, it was stale anyway.

    As for the gameplay, there is virtually no difference to the NextGen version 2021v2022.

    All the same issues with the engine that were there before.

    The amount of innovation in sports games the last 10 years is just getting depressing now.. right across the board there hasnt been a jump since switching to the last gen in 2014.

    I was finding myself getting frustrated in the first game just like it was a game I was playing for months.

    I'll start a PG but need a C for online, the opposition PG was just glued to me, screens could barely get him and he was scoring like Kobe.

    I did cough up the extra e20 for the disc compared to online as I felt if it was a dud I'd make back a good chunk selling it on. I'll play it for a while but I'll be done with it in two or three months unless the online revamp make that work better(it's more enjoyable than career but between the lag and lack of friends to play with it's mostly unenjoyable.. sadly unlike something like FIFA you need 1/2 others for the main mode in this)

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    Didn't get a chance to play this yet. Half way through i installing, i decided to add the bonus code with the 75 anniversary edition. It started downloading the ps4 certain which seemed to delete the ps5 one unknown to me. Deleted the ps4 and started the ps5 install again, threw it into rest mode and then i went to play it, it had frozen on 50 of 100gb installed. Will install the rest tomorrow. 30gb update as well, hefty game.

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    Game badly needs a patch already.

    It crashed three times on me yesterday, the City is extremely leggy which resulted in one crash(its stuttering and slowing and struggling not to crash).

    Also I noticed an incident happening three times today which I saw a reply of on the third occasion.

    My defender stepped on the end line and then jumped for the rebound and touched the ball first and is being called out of bounds, it can only be due to the last contact on the line the game thinks you're out of bounds touching the ball after which is a bug.

    Something similar happened twice in a MyTeam game earlier, bet it was the same thing.

    Also had two incidences of scoring the ball up through the basket, one for me and one in the MyTeam game. That's a lot for playing maybe 8 games in total.

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    Game wouldn't continue installing so had to delete it and the patch again and install for the third time. Finally done and tried MyTeam. First impressions are that it's harder to defend but once you play good D, it's very rewarding when shutting down the offense. I want to start my career but i want to try a few different PG builds before settling and might just watch a YouTube vid for a good spread of badges.

    Gilberto, it's mad how so many bugs can exist at launch every year.

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    Have career a go, made a 6'3 PG 2 way shot creator. Good shooting, great handles, driving and defense, nice balanced build with tons of badges across the board. I can't commit to spending my 100k vc though. I see it will get me to an 80 overall but I'll wait a day or 2 before i can't start this properly.

    Jumped into City and man, it's just too big. I can see what they're going for but i don't think this is the way to go for a good career mode. Saying that, there are brands everywhere so the sponsor money just be drowning 2K so i imagine city is here to stay.

    On the positive side, the gameplay is the best in years imo. So satisfying locking down the offense, breaking down d is harder but just means you have to work more, blocks are class, I'm actually hitting 3's, seems to be a good balance. Devs said to but worry, they aren't tuning it anytime soon as they've hit a good balance.

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    So i didn't my 100k vc and started college as winning the knockout tournament gets you 4 badge points to spend. First game was fairly hairy, losing for the most part and dragged it back in the end, the next game was a blowout. I scored 40 of our 48 points, 0 assists but only because my team is so useless, they were missing so many shots. Surprisingly, i was nailing 3's, mostly open catch and shoot but some off the dribble. I'm mostly a slasher pg but it's actually refreshing to be able to shoot.

    Most fun I've had with a 2k game in years but i mostly put that down to having a 100k vc to spend off the bat.

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    Have to say, I'm loving the actual playing of basketball this year. I'm not sure how much of that is due to being able to go straight to an 80 rated player with the 100kvc I got with the anniversary edition but I'm able to do everything I want to do but could do with getting to 88 at least to raise some important stats but that will cost roughly 75k VC (20 euro) so will just grind it out and enjoy it.

    The city is a pain in the **** hole though. Spending more time skating than I did while playing Tony Hawk! I've chosen the agent who is mostly interested in my NBA performance over the other agent who's more interested in Music and Fashion as it's just soul crushing to see a quest on the other side of the city. Plus I'm skipping almost every cutscene that comes up which I don't usually do but there's so much **** content in the script. Between that and how long you have to spend wandering the city, I'm fully sure 2K just want you racking up as many hours in game as possible to show to their investors to get more sponsor money. It's actually disgusting how obvious it is that they don't care about the players time in this game.

    I usually get interested in the story going on but I'm only 2 NBA games in and just want to play nba games. I completed College and G league for their bonuses and they were a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind trying a MyNBA which I never do, and see what it's like to run a G League team.

    My Team is good but I'm only interested in short 3v3 games to 21 but they don't give you season xp, same as nba games in career don't give you season xp so my season progress is going really slow but I'm not forcing anything that will zap my fun out of this.

    This would be an absolutely incredible experience if it was more consumer friendly. I currently walk around in a Ruffles tshirt I got for free off a sponsor because clothes in shops are so goddamn expensive. For example, a tank top is 7,500 VC which is about 2 euro in real money ffs.

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    It's a long slog to 80 by playing.

    I started with a PG, got him to around 70 and then made a mid range Centre and hes up to about 75 now.

    Im finding the lay up timing is broken(offline is the same as online).Jump shots work the same but on lay ups I get a very late when I release what feels like the top and if i release what feels early I'd get a late.

    It's hard to get the slightly late and have a chance of making it. I never had that issue in previous years so feel it's more off than me.

    I even had timing turned off initially from 2021(to compensate for lag online) and found that sometimes the timing was coming up either way so just turned it back on.

    I've came across squads in the 3v3 no squads mode so it seems people just need to press enter together and there's a chance they'll get matched up(ones I noticed initially had the same usernames, I'm sure some others who played well were squading too).

    The objectives are more or less pointless. Either play on a particular court, or do a Gatorade drill you may not be able(3 stars can only be tried once a week or a challenge for the courts upstairs which require a friend).

    Theres one related to normal play but the 24 hour timer starts and ends at a set time so you may only get 4 hours to do too much.

    I'll tip away at it, normally I find once my player is good I get bored.. the fun is almost in the chase of getting him good.

    Long term youd need a squad to run with in 3v3 to get good value in playing it. The AI is more a means to the VC than it being the most enjoyable part.

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    Actually just on the career, its very easy to get drafted first.

    But Detroit are chronic, barely a player over 80.

    I played the first issue cautious(coach not wanting you) on the C play through but when the one came about being traded I said I'd go for it as I was looking to move anyway. Hopefully I can pick my team in a few more games as Detroit just lose most games.

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    Absolutely about the quests. I just trekked across the map to get a washing sponsor and i had to inline skate for a few minutes to get my vc. Only problem, i don't own inline skates ffs. I was 1st choice leading to draft but got picked 3rd to the Cavs which I'm ok with, won every game so far but just playing on Pro. I like how I'm actually getting badges this year, seemed very hard to get them last year especially defense but going good so far.

    I went with the piss off management option by liking a msg on social. Thought it was funny, coach didn't :D I'm hoping to get traded around mid season anyway and hopefully choose the team to see if I can drag the Bulls to glory again.

    I'm hitting more 3's than i ever have before but I'm not sure what shooting badges to go for. I either use a screen or iso to dribble to open space and shoot but the badges seem to be either for catch and shoot, moving 3's fadeaway, etc, or deep range which I'm not interested in. Any ideas what badge compliments a dribble to standing 3?

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    Addicted to this, flying through the nba games racking up badges and wins. My social media shenanigans worked and i made stater very early. Cavs suck but I'm dragging them to victory. I leaked that i want a trade to get a fresh start, just waiting to hear from my agent. Played some match making games and they've actually been quite fun, randoms actually passing and playing defense. Such a huge difference that you can't hit 3's if you're being contested, making people play proper basketball.

    The quests suck, i don't bother with most of them but my endorsements require certain levels in music and fashion. Got invited to the catwalk but there was a queue of 8 players waiting to walk. **** that, embarrassing enough just attempting that quest, never mind standing in line for it.

    Other quests then require me to buy clothes, decks, vehicles, etc but I'd rather spend my vc on attributes.

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    You're selling the gameplay, but you're not selling the rest of the game! At no point did I spend VC on anything other that attribute points and I would do the same in this. Pretty crappy they've locked stuff behind it, but expected none the less. You can't avoid the fashion side at all?

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    Oh you can avoid everything and simply play nba. You'll only level up things like nba, fundamentals, teamwork, etc which bring their own rewards. The city stuff is fluff. All quests get you mvp points which at certain levels gets you things like a newer apartment with a zipline. There are some quests that get you permanent boosts like an extra badge loadout and spawn points. Then there are quests like where this ruffles tshirt around the city for 500vc which feels disgusting but it's handy vc.

    If you do want to go the music or fashion routes, you can make contacts, deals, buy buildings, sign artists and perform on stage and the walkway. Absolute fluff and can be avoided but they do come with some good rewards like vc and mvp points.

    I do love the gameplay but i started at rating 80 due to the 100k vc i got with the game. Playing really fun basketball. I played the W last night which is WNBA career and it's actually really refreshing as there's no vc in sight. The downside of that is you start at 60's and it's fairly rough to play. My player is so slow, can't shoot, can't dribble and plenty of turnovers so i imagine it's similar to starting a male career without vc.

    I think if the 75 anniversary edition ever goes on sale to the price of the base game like i got, it's worth getting.

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    It doesnt take long to get one player up above 70 and then you'll be able to do most things.

    I have my C to 77 now(after starting a PG to 71 or so) and I'm beasting on 90+ players already.

    Getting more assists than PGs.

    Good gameplay is more important than having a stacked player.

    Playing the AI is a different kettle of fish and you'll need your stats there more in comparative terms as it's harder to get past them, open etc.

    But youd get a player to 70+ in two days of Career play.