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We're moving - Read-Only 7th July



  • Clicking on the talk to / Topics / regional or adverts on the top of the desktop site just brings you to the home page.

    The my forums tab seems completely random eg top post from Jan 2021, 2nd post from June 2021, 3rd post August  2020, 4th from October 2019 ect and seems to include a lot of posts that are not in forums I subscribe to.

  • Cannot find the Bargain Alerts thread anywhere on the new site.. Can anyone help me, or am I just gone blind?!?

  • 1) top right of a thread, you can click ont he bookmark icon to follow a thread.

    No idea of your other questions though.

    Also, I just realised, you can't edit the quoted section of a post. I was going to snip so just point 1) showed above, but if it can be done I haven't figured that out yet.

  • Ya, it looks like those 4 buttons at the top of the homepage are useless. They just bring you back to the home screen every time. Even the one goes nowhere.

    Outside of that, way too much whitespace on here. Always been an issue with the Talk To forums that made them unusable imo. You can only see one post on the screen at a time now which is ridiculous. Also, where's a dark theme?

    The touch site actually has more settings options than the home site when you go to edit profile (unless i'm missing something, I can't see where to change password for example on the desktop site)

    Soccer seems to have disappeared as a forum. Seen other post they can't see it too so what's going on there.

  • Same. But if you click the link of a person's name, you can go to their profile, and from there you can send them a message.

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  • I'd say its very much a work in progress give it a chance 😁

  • Perhaps it's too early to provide feedback as this only went live in the last couple of hours & may not be the final product, but I'm really struggling to navigate through the new UX.

    1. The old drop down system to get to different subforums is still displayed, but not usable. The new system (click into a new page...) adds so much unnecessary work to the user.
    2. The new post layout does not work with users with long names and / or who or mods of several forums.
    3. Where are my notifications gone?
    4. How do I mark threads as read? They all look the same?
    5. How do I change the default avatar I've been givien?

    Very much appreciate that this is literally 2-3 hours in, but some of these issues feel like issues that should have been ironed out pre go-live.

  • Touch site/desktop site

    It's an abomination

  • July 15th - Goodbye for now Boards - website is too too slow.

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  • I googled something and a Boards link was one of the top results, clicked the link and it just brought me to the homepage. Hopefully all those links are still live and it just needs to be ironed out as well.

  • I can only presume that they put it back online while they continued to work on certain aspects of the site, the private forums being one of them. Allow people to post and discuss again while working in the background. Hopefully it will be back online soon

  • Posted in this thread didn't automatically follow it for me... 😳

    Also, huge white space on the post when you quote a post.

  • How do I get to "my threads" or my forums... can't find it anywhere

  • If you are on mobile you need to switch to desktop view on your browser.. the 3 dots on the browser screen and "switch to desktop view"

  • Good to see boards back, but it looks and feels rough. Perhaps this is Beta 0.1?

    Many lessons learnt on how to plan such a migration I'm sure.

    'My Forums' tab is all wrong, seems to be combination of my forums and my posts

    My posts history is all wrong

    The line and paragraph spacing is too big and particularly annoying (hard to read, excessive scrolling)

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  • First impressions

    • can't see the title of the thread when I'm scrolled down within it
    • typing has a lag, pages are really slow to load
    • from the home page or the "my threads" page, doesn't seem possible to get to the latest post with one click, the little arrow just brings you to the first page
    • the buttons to navigate through pages or go to last page are only at the bottom of the page, so have to scroll down first
    • the tabs for followed threads, followed forums is gone when you're within a thread

    However, I'm well aware that this only just went live, so maybe just clunky start-up issues?

    Great to see ye back!!

  • Looks like they’re still migrating forums.

    it’s a massive change, I’m predominantly a touch user and a lot of the functionality there seems to be deprecated.

  • All time stamps on the home page are an hour behind.

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  • 😖 We seem to have lost all the most useful quoting features

    • can't multi quote
    • hitting "quote" jumps straight to the post a comment box
    • no obvious way to edit the quoted post to highlight which word/phrase/sentence is being referenced

    And in respect of the above : what's with all the whitespace? I've seen this (often) in other forums, where the change from the compact vBulletin has resulted in this kind of w - i - d - e - - - o - p - e - n - - - v - i - s - u - a - l - - - d - e - s - e - r - t 🌵 It's obvious some graphic designer's fetish, but it makes the thread painful to read. As someone else said, the whole forum now looks like the scrappy TalkTo pages. The problem is definitely worse on posts quoting (uneditable) long posts, and the one-liner messages that make/made the most lively threads on so enjoyable to read.

    Right now, I'd give ye a "5/10 benefit of the doubt" thanks for getting us back on line, but knock off 6 points for all that whitespace.

  • Great to be back and I do appreciate that its a work in progress , cannot help but feel if you wanted a change why not just have made a new skin?, there's nothing here so far that i can see that the old site didn't have already and a massive amount less. Its slower too despite having far less bells and whistles.

  • I was struggling to find 3 dots thought it was somewhere on the site! Thanks trigger, found it now!

  • Search facility is all but useless.

    No way to search a users previous posts. ( Maybe posts from the old site are archived)

    As another poster said, options at the top of the page ( Discussions- Categories- Groups) need to be clicked on, and a new page opened, instead of the old "hover", and a drop down menu appearing.

    Really poor.

  • Hmm. We've lost the "batch process" facility on the followed threads page. Now you have to go in to each individual thread to unbookmark it. So that's another "unnecessary click" feature.

    ... and posting on a thread doesn't automatically bookmark it? S'pose that's a setting I need to find and change somewhere ...

    ... and all the bookmarks are showing in bold, so you have to actually look at the last post info and try to remember whether it's the same as it was before to know whether there's any new info on slow-moving threads.

  • Like a website from the mid 90's 😥

  • This "quote whole post" nonsense is really annoying. Hope that's at the top of the "fix it" list. 😠

    What I want to quote - to emphasise it - is the disappearance of (all?) the hover functions. Feels like those Vanilla people are designing for primarily for phones, and the desktop-with-mouse configuration is just an extension of that.

    Still struggling to find anything positive from this change, and not entirely sure what ye used the extra downtime for. Probably should have gone with an Irish company after all because the Canadians seem to have overpromised and underdelivered ... :(

  • I have noticed that when posting tweets that it is necessary to put in a CR at the end of the line, otherwise the tweet just appears as a string of text. not an issue, but something that will catch out some posters as I just had to edit a few posts in the YLYL thread and add the CR to the end of the tweet.

  • Seconding two issues mentioned already.

    The first is that the timezone of a forum front page is different to the thread itself. The thread itself seems to read your local computer time zone settings. So the post above mine is showing correctly (for me in Germany) as being 09:53am but I assume for people in Ireland it shows 08:53am. That is good. But if I go to the forum page itself it shows the latest post as "07:53 am". So I guess the thread is reading the users time zone but the forum itself is reading the time zone settings of the server?

    The second is that when I go to a forum..... or lets say my "bookmarks"........ the "Last post" time for some threads is sometimes the actual last time of the most recent post (with the time error described above)....... but at other posts it is actually the time and date of the FIRST post in the thread not the most recent. So one thread that has a post in it from June 2021 is actually showing a last post from 2011.

    Also I see we lose time / date information the older a post is. So I can see the exact time a post is made if it was today. But if it is yesterday then I only see the date. Not the time it was posted. If they get older still you lose the date and are just told the MONTH/YEAR it was posted in. So if for example a user is posting in September 2020 and I wanted to know if the post was made before or after a certain news story broke in that month.... I can't tell.

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  • yeah, that's a total mess.

    and when you quote someone it displays really weird in the centre and wastes lots and lots of space

    Honestly - was this even tested before going live?

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