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Restrictions on Families with Kids

  • 06-07-2021 1:47pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,432 ✭✭✭ SusanC10

    As there has been no decision made on whether Ireland will approve vaccinations for children aged under-16 - how do others feel about the proposed need to be fully vaccinated to dine indoors ? And the potential to extend this to other activities?

    NPHET recommends that only fully vaccinated people should travel abroad even though the Government has signalled that a negative PCR Test will be sufficient as part of the DCC for EU Travel.

    Greece has now brought in rules which mean Kids aged 12-17 need a negative (rapid) test to travel on a ferry between Islands/Mainland there. They are also bringing in rules in relation to indoor dining and activities there.

    Yet, our Government say that schools are safe and that 30-ish kids in a Classroom all unmasked is not an issue.

    So, just wondering how others felt on this ?


  • Registered Users Posts: 168 ✭✭ D rog

    I'd like to see a renewed public campaign around wearing masks properly (so many not covering noses), maintaining social distance and hand hygiene. Although the UK don't seem to care to keep these, very odd.

    I'd like to see all schools include mask wearing, not just secondary.
    I'm against any form of effectively forcing vaccinations, especially for U16s.

  • The indoor dining measures are a half-assed joke. Thats how I feel about it.

    The highest number of cases now are in the younger age groups, and this is the age group who work in restaurants. And that is not me taking a pop at younger people, its just how it is.

    Vaccination doesn't prevent transmission, it just reduces severity of illness, so despite being vaccinated myself, I wouldn't be venturing into any restaurants anytime soon, or taking anyone unvaccinated into one and that includes teens and kids in this. I'll hang on until a lot more of the younger age groups are also vaccinated.

    I'd take advantage of the weather. If taking the kids out and want go get something to eat, I'd choose somewhere you can all eat outdoors.