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    Most of Dublin 2 is quite nice, the old Georgian squares, around the canal, Baggot St, Leeson st, Ballsbridge, etc. Bizarre how myself and all my friends, cousins etc, grew up on the northside of Dublin and all have good lives now, times were tougher and rougher back in the day too. I think it's a bit rich for you to tell people the draws it does or doesn't have, given so many people are happy and have good lives in Dublin. I have 2 friends who moved back last year from Vancouver, after 5 years, to raise their 2 kids here, as they prefer the life here and now have a place in Phibsborough. This is Ireland, not Sierra Leone.

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    People taking crack on every corner? I don't know what part of Dublin OP was in, but I've never seen this in the city centre and I moved to Dublin 10+ years ago. Also, what has having no family over here anything to do with Dublin being unliveable?

    There are far worse European capitals out there. If you think Dublin is bad, then you won't be able to survive anywhere in continental Europe or even London for that matter. Every large capital has nice and not so nice areas. Simply don't venture out in the sketchy areas and you'll be fine.

    I'm not saying Dublin is the best city in the world, but in comparison to other places, it really is pretty safe.

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    I'd say every week? Just cause you don't doesn't mean other don't. I at least go to a restaurant, beach, park, cafe, club every week, others about once a month. Great food restaurants and beaches can be easily found outside the city, but they're not in or near the city and there's more choice of restaurants in a city.

    Check this out, get back to me when you've visited all of them.

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    A lot of people might miss it but Dublin city is dripping with all sorts of beautiful occult/masonic and classical pagan inspired architecture. Places such as the Edwin Lutyens designed 'National War Memorial' is beautifully creepy and its full creepiness is laid straight out in the open. There are loads of really cool Baroque and Palladian style buildings all over the city centre with all sorts of occult and masonic symbology strewn on them. The designs of these buildings work on the basis of utilising the dynamics between light and shadow. You delve deeper into what these symbols and designs represent, you start to see them all over the town and you can spend a fantastic and totally free day walking about the place visiting them too.

    "Lunar South is Solar East" - W. B. Yeats

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    I'll agree with half the people here saying the hyperbole of crack being smoked on every corner is ludicrous but I'll also have to point out, of those people calling it untrue, how many of you actually walk with your eyes not on your phone and looking around you? It takes actually looking to notice the bad things going on around you.. If you're so beat into your TikToks and your Instagrams how will you see anything bar the couple of traffic lights you're forced to look at.

    It's really bad but it's also not the worst. We've yet to have daily drive-bys and random gun murders claiming childrens lives but we're not far off now.

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    Caught with baseball bats and pitchforks

    arrest - convict - sentence … force the parents hand, make them… parent… they don’t want to be paying for little Kelvin or Kayleigh into their ‘20’s when they can’t get a job due to various convictions..

    I’m not up on precise laws but I’m reading a lad 10 years ago was arrested and charged with possession of an article with intent to cause injury.. a baseball bat…