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Delay in second shot ? (Pfizer)

  • 05-07-2021 4:01pm
    Registered Users Posts: 40 ✭✭✭ Chanquete

    Hi - I got my first shot of Pfizer today 4 weeks (28 days) ago (in The Helix) and I haven't received any notification of the second appointment.

    I called the helpline and the person on the phone said to keep waiting. Given the 3 days minimum between notification and appointment, at this stage I'm looking at a minimum of 32 days. This leaves me quite concerned, since Pfizer's recommended internal is 21 days, and the maximum interval that has efficacy studies behind it is 28 days. HSE's own guidelines specify "If the interval between doses is longer than 28 days, the second dose should be given as soon as possible."

    I'm getting really anxious. I was wondering if this delay is common?

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