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Speedmaster or IWC



  • Think I might have a pint myself, need to destress from a long day worrying about the value of my watches.....

  • If it's your first heavy hitter purchase narrowed down to 2 choices I would say it's a no brainer to get the one that will hold more value. Because it's doubtful that you're eye won't start to wander shortly after and then you will want the cash from a resale to fund the purchase of the next watch.

    Personally I think Omega is milking the fk out of the speeedy popularity and they're overpriced. They'll probably be relatively easy to buy in a few years as collectors tire of their umpteenth special spaceman edition. But for a first luxury watch you can't go wrong as for the time being you can always flip them.

    IWC I think only the portugieser and big pilot are the real 'name recognition' watches in their line and they are more money. If you're not gonna buy one of those get the Speedy then. I myself love the portugieser. Big Pilot is class too but lots of other very similar pilot watches for way less money from other branda

  • I had two pints of Guinness in the pub this nice summer evening sitting outside in my t-shirt, wearing and enjoying my watch. First time I had pints in a pub since August of last year. I would have had 14 more pints, but I was worrying about the resale value of my watch too much, so I went home.

  • A poster asks for some advice on a watch forum and it gets totally hijacked by posters who are lamenting the demise of the forum.

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  • Eh? I'm not sure what thread you are commenting about, but it sure does not seem to be this thread.

  • Really? Are you referring to Fitz or I ? As we have both commented on the forum demise/quietness. Are you suggesting that the way of increasing the forum activity is to only respond to the Opening posts and no posters on the thread should engage with each other?

    if you read the thread in entirety I see detailed responses to the OP from posters including Fitz and I. And then a poster suggesting “if you worry about the future value of the watch then you can’t afford it and should buy in your budget” .

    This point was challenged with some fairly reasoned and detailed responses but sadly the other side of the point only responded with what I see as a “strawman”. i guess that’s the beauty of a forum. Everyone’s voice can be heard if they want...or not heard if they choose not to respond.

    It often feels like if you disagree with someone you are almost seen to be arguing. Are positive responses only allowed? Is peoples skin gone so thin that you can’t challenge someone on a point and allow them defend (or give context to the POV). Because that would really be to the demise of a “forum”.

  • 6-7k for an entry level Rolex? Must be something very old. The price rises on the Rolex have been insane the last couple of years.

    I was in Dawson jewellers last week and they had a nice collection of Omega and IWC so you should investigate there.

    I would also look to join some of the facebook groups, I got some great advice on my 3rd Breitling purchase earlier this year from those groups.

  • I really like talking to the guys in Dawson they are sound but I would be cautious recommending them. I realise they have an expensive shop and staff.

    • Their prices are astronomical, they will blindly suggest prices 30% higher than market with straight faces. Offers to buy are equally insulting. I find this off, as prices of watches are so easy to find on your phone in seconds. I asked them for a patek dress watch at one point and they came back to me 6 weeks later with a price 8k more than I had paid another dealer. Like what did they expect me to do?
    • They sell a lot of modified watches, Kermit bezels on non kermit subs, White gold Daytona passing a Platinum, PVD coated crap. They are honest about them, but all the same they should be return that stuff to stock. Would not buy vintage off them in a fit.
    • The condition of a lot of their stock is not ideal.

    A friend suggested that you could take the "ellers" off the end of their name and its would be appropriate enough. They had 4 speedies in the window all over 4500 euro.

    Facebook groups are good however they are echo chambers. Rolex forums will push Rolex, Breitling forums push those. Try stick to general groups so you see a wide range of stuff passing through. Avoid the urban gentry like the plague. Never be angry with anyone else for being honest of giving their opinion.

    6-7k Rolex- OP 36mm, datejust, preceramic sports etc. But honestly if you have 6-7 you could stretch to 8 and that 6 digit submariner territory or explorer I/II

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  • could you imagine the iwc add running these days :)

  • 😁Yeah, love the reference to stewardesses bedside tables, feeds into all kinds of male fantasies.

  • Indeed, we are still only waking up to the casual misogyny that is persistent in marketing, especially to men.

    We are a sad bunch, really.

  • Using an inflation calculator, that $235 in 1965 is $2026 now

  • Reckon if I get on to Omega and demand a $2,026 Speedmaster they'll give one to me? 😁

  • Slight correction - the advert (and price) dates from 1973 so it is more like $1438

  • Thanks for all the advice and comments. I went with the speedmaster.

    On a separate topic I came across this Omega (70s?) online & like it as a vintage dress watch. Believe it is a seamaster. Can anyone tell me more about it? I don't even know the reference number. It is in an online auction

  • Sorry Watch fan there's no link to the auction in your post.

    Few enough were innocent in the past, few enough are innocent in the present, we just don’t know why yet.

  • @Watch_Fan

    well wear. Congrats on the Speedy..

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