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Current Weather Conditions - July 2021



  • Best of Luck with the new abode DOCARACH, looks like a great spot, you will be swimming all year-round now !

    18.8C here near Tralee, RH 86%

    Near Calm

    Bar 1025.2 hPa Steady

    No wind readings atm, doing a job on my garage so took down the anemometer , must try and find a new spot for it but getting hard as the trees are taking over, certainly don't get true wind readings anymore but good to have the directions and wind shifts.

  • El scorchio again with stunning azure skies this afternoon in Loughlinstown.

    Reached a high of 24.7 earlier, might have another go at that later when the sea breeze dies back a bit

  • Clearing Skies in Kildare now with good sunshine 22.6c

  • 17.7c clear and sunny by the sea in Greystones.

  • Just to add to the 'well may she wear' comments at Doc's House move

    Best of luck

    The sea breeze effect you really will notice,as while it gets a few kms inland,it's at its most potent inside a km or two

    I'd like to welcome you to the difference a sea vs land breeze makes 😂

    Steady sea breeze East here in Arklow today for example

    Temp hovering around 18c

    Tinahely, just 10 clicks inland has a WNW breeze and currently 24.4c

    Insane 6c+ difference

    Hopefully you'll get weatherlink live online in the new location and Good wind stats as you're Quite exposed there

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  • Cooking here north kk/ south Laois border. Lovely day the kids in the pool, eating outside, so lovely, make the most of it.

  • Was well aware what I was getting myself into! 😄

    I remember one day when the sun was splitting the stones in Dublin 16, with temps in low 20's, driving to Greystones to descend down the hill into thick sea fog and mid teens temp!

    I do hope to set up the anemometer as best I can and also set up a live webcam in due course.

  • Congrats DOC! I've lost my local D.16 weather station but wish you all the best in Greystones! That's a great view for a live webcam. As others have said, greystones is often in the Wicklow mountains reverse-shadow in terms of cloud, you'll be able to make the rest the country jealous of your blue skies. And Greystones did well for snow last winter, a lot better than D.16!

  • Max Temp of the year so far at my station with a High of 25.0c. Sea breeze did kick in shortly afterwards which helped drop temps by 4c.

    Currently its clear and 15.8c

    Edit: Best of luck Doc with the move.

  • Feeling quite oppressive in Kildare tonight with temperatures still at 20°c

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  • Cloudy again in kerry. Same all week. Not seen the sun.


    99% humidity

    9.2 mm of rain in the last 7 days. 84mm this month so far.

  • Suns out in Arklow

    Currently 17.3c

    East 5kmh

  • Clear/sunny start in Greystones. 16.7c atm. Sea breeze yet to kick in.

  • Beautiful sunny start in Kildare 20.3°

  • 20.6c currently up from a low of 16.3c (one of the warmest nights on my records list). Got 24.6c yesterday, expecting 26c or 27c today.

  • Hot and sunny again this morning in Loughlinstown, no wind so my weather station is over-reading. I'd guesstimate its around 22-23C curently. (station says 26C)

  • 20.1c in Arklow now

    Very little sun actually probably why the sea breeze is a bare 3kmh up at 30ft

    You wouldn't feel one on the ground

  • 21.5c atm by the sea in Greystones.

  • Sunny, Temp 24.0c Max of 25.1c which beat yesterdays by the narrowiest of margins.

  • A nice warm 27.1c here in Mount Dillon today .according to Meteorological Eireann website

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  • Max of 23.6C here near Tralee, nice sea breeze in the afternoon, still warm at 19.3C, breeze dying away.

    More or less clear blue skies now.

    Bar 1028.0 hPa Steady

  • High today in Arklow of 22.1c

    Currently 21.6c

    Weak but needed sea breeze

  • 23°c still on Kildare this evening with a beautiful Spanish hue to the sky.

    High of 26.2° today.

  • Reached 26C today at Dunshaughlin. If it wasn't for 2 cloudy hours in the middle of the afternoon 27C might have been achieved. Currently still 22C and tomorrow is due to get to 28C here.

  • [B]Renvyle Weather @ 22:50[/B]
    [B]Temperature:[/B] Current Air: 13.5C Ground: 13.0C Car Park: 12.4C
                        Current Humidity: 89%  Ground: 94% Car Park: 87%
                 [I]High:[/I] 24.3C at 12:37  [I]Low:[/I] 13.0C at 05:46
    [B]Wind:[/B]        Current average 0.0 km/h
                 [I]Max Gust:[/I] 18.5 km/h @ 06:02   [I]Windrun:[/I] 92.41 km
    [B]Barometric:[/B]  Current 1027.7 hPa Steady +0.0 hPa (3 hourly) 
     		[I]High:[/I] 1028.1  hPa at 22:22  [I]Low:[/I] 1024.9  hPa at 04:00
    [B]Rain:[/B]        Today    0.1 mm
    		Rainfall rate Max: 0.0 mm/min at 09:17
    [B]Air Quality:[/B] Current 2.5pm: 57.0 Unhealthy
                    Maximum Today: 57.0
    Sunshine Hours Today: 09:40
    Highest UV Today: 8.0
    Lightening Counts since Midnight: 0
    Last Lightening: 07:28:15 07/02/2106
    Current Soil Moisture Level: Rear: 45.0 Front: 26.0
    [URL=""]Renvyle Weather[/URL]

  • Best edit my templates for the new layout

  • It has been a stunning down down the west..

    Clifden Weather @ 23:10
    Running Weather-Display WD_console_22.2 on a Pi 4
    Temperature: Current Air: 18.7°C
                 High: 24.2°C at 20:12  Low: 15.7°C at 02:45
    Wind:        Current average 2.6
                 Max Gust: 12.2 km/h @ 13:55 Windrun: 65.77 km
    Barometric:  Current 1030.5 hpa -0.3 hPa (hourly)
                 High: 1030.8 hPa at 13:09 Low: 1028.4 hPa at 00:03
    Rain:        Today  0.3 mm
                 Rainfall rate Max: 10.0 mm/min at 06:37

    Leenane Weather @ 23:04
    Running Weather-Display WD_console_22.2 on a Pi 4
    Temperature: Current Air: 14.7°C
                 High: 27.3°C at 16:25  Low: 12.7°C at 06:26
    Wind:        Current average 1.1
                 Max Gust: 10.8 km/h @ 19:27 Windrun: 59.35 km
    Barometric:  Current 1027.8 hpa +0.3 hPa (hourly) 
                 High: 1027.8 hPa at 21:38 Low:  1025.1 hPa at 00:01
    Rain:        Today  0.0 mm
                 Rainfall rate Max: 0.0 mm/min at 23:26

    Glinsce Weather @ 23:05
    Running Weather-Display WD_console_22.2 on a Pi 4
    Temperature: Current Air: 14.8°C
                 High: 21.6°C at 17:37  Low: 13.6°C at 05:41
    Wind:        Current average 0.0
                 Max Gust: 19.3 km/h @ 16:47 Windrun: 107.18 km
    Barometric:  Current 1030.5 hpa 0.0 hPa (hourly)
                 High: 1030.5 hPa at 12:41 Low: 1028.4 hPa at 00:00
    Rain:        Today  0.0 mm
                 Rainfall rate Max: 0.0 mm/min at 07:10"]Glinsce Weather

  • Off to a warm start in Arklow

    Already 22c and its not yet 9am

    Clear blue sky

    Overnight low was a merciful 13.8c

  • 23.1c

    That sea breeze better come quick

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  • Looking like another lovely day in Greystones. Clear/sunny. 17.3c atm.