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Have we lost the plot??

  • 01-07-2021 8:33am
    Registered Users Posts: 1,385 ✭✭✭ Billy Ocean

    Always tried to keep a middle ground view regards opening up/restrictions etc. but the stuff from the last couple of days is absolutely banana's. What do our health 'experts' know that the most of Europe don't? Is all this down to a poorly resourced health system or are NPHET simply above their station and drunk on power? I think the government might be bricking it after xmas too although vaccines are a game changer from then. Seeing the crowds at the Euros have really been an eye opener, forget England as their ahead with vaccines and Hungary who have questionable leadership to say the least but seeing the crowds in places like Denmark made it really hit home.
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    mcsean2163 wrote:
    Allow me. It's summer. The vulnerable are vaccinated. People are not going home for a crowded indoor family dinner. Airport quarantine is in place.

    When you say that the vulnerable are protected, you do realise that they are around 90 percent protected. They still have a 10 percent chance of catching covid. The UK government are now taking about giving a 3rd dose to the vulnerable in the Autumn because they are still at risk. The same government has also postponed their opening.

    Also worth remembering that a lot of people here in Ireland, in their 60s, still haven't received their 2nd shot. Some of the vulnerable groups still haven't received the 2nd dose

    I was in a hotel in temple bar last weekend. There was a small wedding. The guests were allowed to move around the bar without masks and the barman was serving them pints rather than insisting on table service.

    Even outdoor dining /drinking, some pubs invite the customers inside if it starts raining. There are threads from last Christmas, here on boards, looking for the best pubs that will let you break the rules and stay longer.

    In Ireland we can't trust pubs and hotels or their customers to follow basic rules. It's because we can't follow these basic rules that we have to be treated like children.

    I agree that this is a terrible government. I have run out of voting options. I may have to vote SF next election. However the blame for the delayed opening lies at the feet of the people & businesses that try to bend the rules

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    Just to show some contrast. I'm on holiday in one of the Baltics, absolutely no restrictions here, mask mandate lifted, life here completely normal. Most older and "vulnerable" are vaccinated. Eating inside restaurants, drinking in bars, etc,. It's crazy to feel elated at being able to do what should be a normal natural thing. Ireland is a disgrace at the minute.