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Big Pharma

  • 28-06-2021 4:41pm
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    First off, UK here, waiting on second jab, in an age range which Ireland are only taking registrations for now, so it's caused a lot of discussion with friends in Ireland who won't be getting the vaccine because:
    1) they consider themselves not at risk
    2) it buys into big Pharma profit

    ignoring point 1, as it's been discussed to death, what do people think of point 2?

    I've been bombarded with Bitchute videos and other garbage, but one that stood out was (in their words) "one of the few truth videos left on Youtube".... brought to you, by no other than....Russel Brand

    I rolled my eyes, but having a few mins to spare, I auto scrolled to it..

    (can't link as a noob, but the video title is "Vaccine Gold Rush: Do You Trust Gates?" )

    Blurb if you don't want to watch the video
    The pharmaceutical industry has been pouring resources into the growing political fight over generic coronavirus vaccines. They a useful and powerful ally in Bill Gates, so does this undermine his status as a philanthropist and make a mockery of his stated aim of getting the world “back to normal”?
    #BillGates #VaccinePatent #Vaccine #Coronavirus #Covid19

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    *not a euphemism

    I'm not his biggest fan, and not naïve to big Pharma making huge money off COVID, but he made some very valid points IMO...

    But being Russel Brand, he is articulate, gregarious, and could probably sell sand to the Arabs... I know these are snippets which are patched together to create a story...

    But what does everyone think? How do you respond to someone who refuses the vaccine because of this?

    I know there'll be "why do you care" responses, the reason is, the psychology behind it interests me, how a lot of people I know are bandwagoning on what is being circulated on social media, without any checking themselves or filtering... Hypocrisy by numerous people who I know who use the Big Pharma argument, but will happily have had a few bags in the pub over the weekend, and were probably looking to get a few D10's off someone last night..
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