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Typo on Marriage Cert

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    We got married in May this year and just got our marriage cert today. There is a typo in my fathers name. I would be almost 100% sure it was not there on the marriage licence as we were in registering our intent to marry twice due to postponing for covid so checked over the details on the licence twice.

    Obviously this will need to be fixed but I know the registration office is tough to get in touch with at the moment. I also need to apply for my passport as my one expired last year, can I use the cert with the typo since the its just my fathers name that is incorrect?

    We also paid for 2 certs to make changing my name on multiple places easier, would we have to pay again to have them both replaced?


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    I know its not exactly the same situation but there was an error made in my mothers death certificate last year, (wrong date) I contacted the HSE civil registration service by email they were super helpful, and very fast.

    They amended the certificate and send me replacements at no charge, but I did have to return the incorrect certificate to them first.

    Civil Registration Service

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    Also not the same thing, but there’s a typo on one of my kids birth certs, I have a form that needs to be filled in and witnessed by a peace commissioner, and sent back to them, and they’ll re-issue another. I assume it’s a similar process for marriage cert. not sure about the cost though

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