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Walrus - Euro 2020 mutant edition

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    We've not had a Walrus for a while so I thought I'd try an experiment. Walrus at its roots is about finding new music, so why don't we do that together?

    The Euro 2020 connection:

    If you want to play I will you a PM and I will randomly pick a country taking part in Euro 2020. It's then your job to find a musical gem either from that nation or connected to that nation. So for example for Germany, you could either pick Rammstein (from Germany) OR Regina Spektor – Düsseldorf (references Germany).

    The idea being that we will both have to do a little work here and hopefully hear something new as a result.

    If we can get say, 10 picks I'll run a reveal thread. There will be a fairly long sign up of a couple of weeks to give everyone time to do their research.

    If you are interested, say so on thread and I will PM you a randomly selected country.