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Constructing a new SHEEP [Closing: 17th June, 2pm; Reveal: 8pm]

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    Constructing a new SHEEP


    We seem to have a dearth of SHEEP amongst the paint, WW, touries and walruses so I got itchy and am running another - someone check me into Hosts Anonymous ;) Just a short simple one to keep our SHEEP brains nimble :D

    The aim of SHEEP is to give the most popular answer.

    Standard SHEEP rules:
    Google and research allowed.
    Please PM me your answers in order (don't include the questions)
    DO NOT post your list on thread.


    A famous skyscraper
    A famous church (or similar building designed for holding religious services)
    A famous castle
    A ???-man tent. For how many men (and or women ;))?
    A type of shed on a farm
    A type of house
    A type of trade needed to build it
    A building material
    A bathroom fitting
    What your builder eats for lunch?


    Revealing: whenever the numbers are good, there is a free night (or someone willing to share) and I feel like it :pac: