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Litter solution

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    The littered streets of Dublin city centre on fri, sat and Sunday last - especially some streets - were a disgrace. Hopefully no foreign journalist was present to show how dirty Dublin is and portraying the kind of people/ locals that give rise to it. So why would anybody want to go to Dublin for a holiday- even visit Ireland - for a few days if this is what they would be confronted with?

    It was reported that it was a small minority that caused the trouble between the police and that small minority. I would be of the opinion that the litter was caused by the majority . So ,IMO , it would be a bit naive to exclude the litterers from the ‘problems’ caused.

    Remember the followers of the Irish soccer team a few years ago? They would have won the World Cup if results were based on fan behaviour. They even helped - at one particular foreign location at least - the street cleaners of the local council by picking up litter/bottles and putting same into his push cart or whatever vehicle he was using. This made national news media at the time.

    I’d be curious to know how the 50 odd big bins, that the Council located throughout city key points, worked out. J could not imagine , even sober, individuals walking to the’ top of the street’ to bin the resultant ‘packaging ‘ after two to three hours of socializing with friends - unless they are trying to impress the girlfriend/boyfriend

    Most Rural villages/ towns throughout Ireland have VOLUNTARY groups re the T Towns Initiative and litter picking and keeping their areas litter free is a major part if their activities. IBAL is an initiative with a similar objective. It focuses totally on the litter element

    The solution /part solution could lie between the above soccer experience and the Tidy Towns ‘business model’. What about - during periods like just experienced over the last weekend that business owners on a particular street provide volunteers - could be employees , family members, friends, etc. to ‘Wheel/push ’ up and down the street a ‘litter cart ‘ this could be done in consultation /cooperation with the City Council. All could work out how to manage the collected litter, design of the litter collector , etc.

    Part of the strategy is to have a few individuals ‘planted along the street to get the concept ‘ started amongst the eating/drinking fraternity

    The concept could be rolled out on a trial basis and should not cost an arm and a. Leg to test the concept.

    The concept could creat a lot of good will, provide for a positive deflection, reduce clean up costs, provide a good public impression - both locally and internationally and the street businesses might become even more motivated in keeping their streets clean and might even feel more ‘ all in this together’ from a business perspective