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Every whole blessed fecker is going camping this year!

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    For years me and my group of chums were the only ones into it. I used to ask colleagues would they join us and they nearly always turned up their noses, opting for a jaunt to the Algarve over the traditional and obsolete Irish holiday. Most had terrible memories of being dragged on a mandatory camping holiday by their parents as children, failed attempts at pitching tents, weeks of incessant rain and misery, bad food and overpriced Irish seaside towns.

    Now all that is old is new again.

    Tents flying out the door, Hymers on every road, Burstners stuck down every boreen, caravans that were only fit for the knacker's yard being nursed back to life, price of "no camping" signs gone up through the roof, retirees patrolling every strip of communal grass for wild campers. Still I think it's great that people's interest in camping has been revived. I just hope it's not short lived and that people will revert to how they were before covid arrived.

    Going camping this year? 139 votes

    59% 83 votes
    11% 16 votes
    Already been.
    28% 40 votes



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