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Pcr tests and travel

  • 24-05-2021 8:08am
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    Hi folks, I know there was a thread on this but it was shut down as the whole thread turned a bit mad with conspiracy theories etc do hopefully this one stays on track. My story is this. Myself, missus and 2 kids are supposed to be travelling to Portugal at the start of August. I looked up flights yesterday and they came in at roughly €950.

    Now, when I looked in to getting 4 x pcr tests each way it worked out €1032 which is madness and made up my mind not to travel at all. We are both fully vaccinated which appears to not matter a jot at the present. My question is this. At these ridiculous prices, who would be willing to travel given the risk that one of your party could test positive at any point and won't be allowed to travel. If this happens at your holiday destination then you're really in the **** as you will have to fork out for quarantine accommodation on top of everything else.

    The taoiseach is traveling this morning to sign travel documents allowing passage between EU countries but when will we ever see the back of the pcr tests? If its not scrapped it could be the death knell for airlines and any foreign travel as the vast vast majority of people won't travel given the extra exorbitant expense and risk.
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