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Vaccine Information

  • 22-05-2021 8:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 217 ✭✭ volono

    I'm starting this thread for people to post any and all links to articles from verifiable sources regarding covid 19 vaccines, their trials, adverse reactions etc, about long covid and anything else others consider useful information re:same.
    My reason being , I posted my reasons for not wanting to get the vaccine from what little info. I could find out about them in the anti-vax thread. I was shouted down from the rooftops about they're being completely wrong and that I was an anti-vaxxer. Thankfully some responses I got where alot better and they provided logical reasons as to why , as I can see now , I was woefully misinformed about them. I think therein lies the problem and the reason for this thread
    the complete lack of information available to people that's out there, which probably does feed back into the anti-vax stance.
    I don't think it's acceptable for me and others to just be told, you have to take the vaccine to save yourself and others. Sorry but just NO, show me the science behind that. The what, why, where and when so to speak. I want and need to know!!!!
    I tried to find out this type of information by myself and realise now I failed miserably at it, totally misinformed tbf.
    I really think there's a need to have this information readily available to people, to allow them to comprehend the science and reasons behind it so as to alay their fears.
    This isn't a place for anti-vaxxers and tit for tat postings.
    Links to information as much as possible please.
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