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Police response to conviction of man who abused his girlfriend.


  • The fact her dad is involved in her life and thinking of her future is already a big advantage. It often seems that girls who fall for these controlling types haven't had enough fatherly attention and they can confuse jealousy and control for interest and concern. She's better able to tell a good man from a dark man when she's had a role model for caring behaviour.

    Just help her have enough self esteem that she won't overlook 'small' things because she feels she has no choices. Predators look for the insecure, the needy, the unsure of themselves. Make sure she knows her worth and then she'll never accept anyone who attempts to make her feel worthless.

  • I love the way that was written, very simple and effective. I would love to see that kind of understanding and support for all forms of domestic abuse though because while this is progress, many abusive people now know that throwing a punch can get them done for assault so their abuse has become more covert.

    One of the very best things your child can learn is their own worth and recognising the red flags of controlling partners. Not all are physically abusive. Some are emotionally abusive, financially abusive, or psychologically abusive. Coercive control, or sexually coercive are all also abusive. But the end result still has the same devastating effect on a victim, and it can happen so slowly over time. Or it can be years down the line and come out of nowhere. There are early indicators most of the time, but are often easy to miss.

    There's the general perception of DV - that it's a drunk bloke bashing his wife around. But any kind of abuse in the home is DV - an adult child controlling their elderly parent, same sex relationships or women being abusive to their male spouse, and it's not always recognised as as DV.