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Conflicting travel advice

  • 20-05-2021 4:28pm
    Registered Users Posts: 88 ✭✭ Uptheduff

    My in laws live in the UK and have still not met our 14 month old. They are immune compromised and were practically housebound since the start of the pandemic until they got their vaccination. Now that the UK are soon to be allowing holiday makers to go abroad we thought it would be possible for them to come over. Logistically it makes more sense for them to travel to us than vice versa.

    But.. every website we search gives completely different information about "the rules". gives contradictory advice saying that everyone entering Ireland has to do mandatory hotel quarantine (not true) it also, in a separate section says if your travelling within the CTA you only need a negative test.

    The Irish DFA says incoming visitors from the UK can quarantine at their destination address which seems reasonable. The Stenalines site basically says there are no rules at all, hop on a ferry you'll be grand. So there's no clear outline of what's expected/allowed. My in-laws have become very fearful and paranoid over the past year and they are now convinced they'd be deported or forced into an extortionate hotel if they try to travel. We'd all be happy for them to quarantine at our house for their whole trip if it's necessary, they just want to finally see their family.

    What exactly is the protocol for people coming from the UK in this scenario?
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