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Stolen Outboard

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    Hello. A 15hp Mercury 4 stroke was stolen off the back of a boat last night near Tuam. The engine has extensive damage to the lower casing, prop and slight damage to the top casing also. All the control cables were cut also.

    Engine is black with red mercury lettering. 2003 model.

    If anyone comes across the engine please call Tuam Garda station (093 70840). Thanks.


  • Have you posted this on the Irish boats & gear for sale facebook page?

    No doubt the thief will try and flog it off for a few quid....

  • There are so many engines been stolen that we as owners have to do everything we can to protect them, take photos of them and any marks or scratches that will set it aside from other engines of the same make also take down the serial number so you can post it up and we will know what to look out for it will also prove that it's your engine if the Garda do find it. It's very unlikely that stolen engines are sold on here in Ireland as we have eyes everywhere and will spot them if anyone tries to sell then on the usual sites, if you do come across an engine at a price thats too good to be true it probably is.


  • Most outboards stolen here won't end up on the Irish market unless stolen to order.