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Boardsies Greatest Original Song

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    Welcome to Boardsies Greatest Original Song tournament.

    Following on from the 4th tournament I ran here and a category in my Walrus, here we are looking to find the greatest original version of well known cover songs. As this could be quite subjective, I am going to give some guidelines as to what can be nominated.

    The original song must have been recorded as a promo single, b-side, or album track.
    The original song must have been covered by artist(s) as a single, b-side, or album track also
    No live version, only studio recording.
    A song that has only been remixed or sampled is no eligible.
    Some songs have been covered multiple times, we are looking for the first and original recording only

    Please PM me 10 nominations, when we have enough to run the tournament we will start.