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Cyberpunk problem continues

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    Sorry if this has been answered before but im fairly sure it hasnt.
    Ive tried reddit/youtube/twitter and cant come up with any sort of explanation or help with this game breaking issue with Cyberpunk.
    Basically I have a Series S, bought the game on pre order, started playing day 1 and everything was great. Didnt really have the issues most people were experiencing. Then the first patch broke the game for me basically.
    Now whenever the character moves I get a trail of ghost images following me on screen which makes any action or shooting sequences completely unplayable.

    Ive reinstalled the game, deleted my saves and started over, contacted the company but no joy. Anyone know of any obvious thing that im doing wrong or do I just have to wait another 3+ months for the next gen update and hope that fixes it. Beyond frustrating but the game seems great which is all the more disappointing.

    Thanks for any help and apologies if this is in the wrong forum